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We are a full-service Birmingham SEO Company providing digital marketing services to clients and other agencies as a white label SEO service.

We have been designing and building digital solutions to achieve the most you can from the power of the Internet since 2001 and ranked NUMBER 1 for major SEO Keywords since 2007. Our proven track record for our own website and clients websites is SECOND to NONE...

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Leading Birmingham SEO Company Since 2007

No Birmingham SEO Company can guarantee a #1 ranking…

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Chameleon Web Services is one the leading UK based Birmingham SEO company’s with its head office in the heart of the West Midlands based here in Halesowen, in the West Midlands.

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We have been a Birmingham SEO Company since 2005 and the Web Design side of the business has been working with the Internet since 2001 making us a stable choice to partner with for your companies online success.

We are the TRUSTED partner for many leading brand names and provide white label SEO consulting services to other SEO Agency’s in the UK and Europe.

Our online success is as a result of hard work and all the staff at Chameleon are committed to achieving clients goals and providing more than just SEO services. We provide a full business improvement and awareness service ensuring that everything your business is doing is correct and we help to grow companies for the long term.

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One of the most important parts to a successful SEO Campaign is the planning. Looking at the competitors in the sector and understanding what they have achieved and how they have achieved it.


To begin the SEO Campaign we have to build content for Google to like and power for Google to trust the content. Without power and trust even the best content will not appear on page one of Google search results.


We have to understand where a website ranks intitally before making changes to understand what we do is working. We also need to monitor the ranking improvements and backlinks to ensure everything is as it should be.


We are always fine tuning our SEO campaigns and this is due to the fact that Google is fine tuning the algorithm to ensure they have the best results for people using the search engine.

We Are Proud Of What Our SEO Achieves

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If you want to compare Chameleon as a Birmingham SEO Company against the competition we can provide a 100% transparent independent review of any SEO company. We are confident that we will come out on top against any UK based SEO agency.

We understand how to rank keywords within Google organic search results and have been doing so since 2005.

This is one of the most important factors to show to our clients and it important to note that we have no sales team cold calling companies suggesting we provide online marketing services, we achieve top rankings and inbound leads from the results of actually carrying out Search Engine Optimisation for our own website and achieving results in what should be the toughest sector making us a trusted SEO agency in Birmingham.

Birmingham SEO Company Consultancy Services

Here at Chameleon we specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses in Birmingham leverage the power of digitial marketing.

Most of the companies that we work with had succesfully launched there business using traditional marketing methods like print, radio or TV. They had’t figured out how to take the next steps with digital tools like search engine optimistion, social media, video and mobile.

We work with the best-in-class partners like Google and offer many unique services including robust reporting and real time campaign optimisation. For years we’ve been helping businesses like yours put the power of digital marketing to work. In fact since many of our clients have informed us that after implementing an online marketing campaign with us they have seen revenues increase on average over 50%.

Examples of Clients we work with include:

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We also work with the FOUR main Birmingham Based Football Clubs

Your Birmingham Company Is In Safe Hands

We have been a Web Company since 2001, providing SEO since 2005 and we have seen many other companies providing SEO in Birmingham come and go. We have worked hard to understand what is required to achieve strong and well positioned results with all the Google Algorithm updates. We have testing websites in place which are used to help understand what Google is looking for and this means that using Chameleon SEO services for your company website you can be sure that you are in safe hands as we are not testing SEO on your domain name.

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Years of SEO Experience


Years of Google Experience


Years of Web Experience

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Birmingham Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is not a black art, more of a technical skill but if carried out incorrectly it can be very costly. We have been working in this industry for over 10 years and have seen many problems that clients have faced using other companies and we have been involved in the recovery.

After we have carried out search engine optimisation your website traffic will increase and you will have a return on your investment due to the knowledge and experience we have.

Our approach to Birmingham SEO Is To Follow Google Guidelines

  • Analysis of Website

    Analysis of website structure and understand the frequency of indexing and what is currently ranked by Google

  • Domain Information

    Identify current page rank, domain name age and length of time domain is registered.

  • Links

    Evaluation the inbound link structure looking at quality and relevance. Understand outbound link volume and internal linking processes.

  • Meta Data

    Analysis of meta data including h1, h2, h3 tags and title tags.

  • Keyword Research

    Carry out analysis of keywords to understand and offer suggestions and ideas.

  • Competitors

    Competitor analysis for primary keywords.

The Importance Of Birmingham SEO Is Only Understood
When You Understand How Google Works!

The Importance Of Backlinks in SEO Is Only Understood
When You Understand Why Google Use’s Them

Backling Is A Part Of SEO Services And Can Be Danerous If Misunderstood
Our SEO Strategy Works Because We Follow Google’s Guidelines

One of the biggest issues we see from ranking number one in Google for “Google Penalty Advice” is companies using SEO company’s that simply do not understand backlinks.

We start every SEO campaign by looking at backlinks and what the keywords are a company is trying to achieve. Once we have understood the online goals then we can carry out analysis looking at everything in detail and understanding what we need to do in order to deliver SEO success with Google page one results for the keywords required to bring an ROI. This can mean cleaning up the backlinking profile of the website in order to achieve success.

Web Marketing for your BusinessChameleon is the leading Birmingham SEO Company offering a full range of SEO services that will enhance your website in the Google organic search results. Our solutions are bespoke and tailored to each and every client due to the fact that no website or business is the same and our client base includes small companies from local service provider to leading Blue Chip companies.

Our business has grown stronger every year and this is thanks to the success we have achieved for our clients in these hard times. Why not get in touch today if your are a Birmingham based company looking for the best SEO Company in the West Midlands.

Our Birmingham based consultants operate in the West Midlands areas covering all of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Dudley, Walsall, Solihull

Why Choose Chameleon Web Services?

If you are in need of SEO services and feel confused why not give us a call on 0121 663 0456 to arrange an SEO Consultant to come to your office or why not pop into our head office in Birmingham. Our SEO consultants are trained to provide high level detail in a manner that is understandable to the non technical. The information we provide is can be tailored to individuals that simply want to achieve growth but do have any technical understanding.

SEO can be very confusing and what makes this worse is that due to SEO being carried out in slightly different methods and every SEO company feeling they are doing the best way you can become lost in technical jargon. We aim to provide detail that you can understand and the feedback we receive is that the information we deliver is fantastic and easy to understand making sense of everything.

We are a Birmingham SEO Company
that achieves long term results
for clients from hard work…

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