Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport Google Business Photos

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport

The Holiday Inn at the Birmingham Airport moves forward with Google Business Photos thanks to Chameleon.

To see this simply search something like “Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport” in Google and you will see that now they have:-

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport

If you click on “See inside” you will be able to see a 360 Virtual Tour which is available straight from Google Street View.

The hotel is located on the Coventry Road, Birmingham, B26 3QW situated next to the Airport but having a 360 virtual tour allows you to see inside from the comfort of your home. Move around using the white arrows:-

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport

To understand what we do here lets start from the initial point where we take over from the Google Street View car.

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport Business Photos

When you see the double arrow this the point that we edit and start from.

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport

You can see the quality difference because Chameleon photographers use HDR photography. Take a look around the Hotel with the 360 Virtual Tour below:-

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