Google Business Photos

Google are growing and expanding their services into new areas all the time to ensure that users get the best experience possible. One of their latest ventures is to add Google Business Photos to their Street View maps.

Google Business Photos offer 360-degree Virtual Tours of your business premises, whether this is a shop, office, factory or more, allowing people to take a look around your premises from the comfort of their own home.

There are many advantages of Google Business Photos including:

  • Increasing Online Profile – Appearing in Google will instantly improve your presence online whilst the Business Photos function can be linked to your website which will encourage more traffic
  • Used on Website – You own all of the images taken by the Google Trusted Photographer and so you are able to embed the 360 Virtual Tour on your won website as well as on the Business Photos platform
  • Showcase Your Premises – This is particularly pertinent for businesses which have members of public visit it regularly and must look pristine e.g. hotels, restaurants and shops. New customers may be encouraged to use your services if they see that your premises are wonderful.
  • Keep Up With Competition – Google Business Photos are the newest marketing tool from Google and as such many businesses will use it to their advantage – if you do not, then you run the risk of being out-done by competitors

Google 360 Virtual Tours are very easy to arrange and are unobtrusive when the photographs are being taken; they are also relatively inexpensive.

Chameleon have Google Trusted Photographers in house who are ready to visit your business and get it on to the Google Business Photos platform; contact us today for more information or a quote.