Amazon 360 Spin Images

As online shopping changes and Amazon goes allows 360 Spin Images and the automotive accessory manufacturer Gold Eagle Company, whose brands include 303 Products and STA-BIL, was one of the early adopters of Amazon 360 Spin Images.

Talking with Forbes it was explained that they decided to roll out spin images on Amazon for our brands 303 Products and STA-BIL to allow consumers the opportunity to “touch and feel” our products virtually,” says Salisia Webber, E-commerce Sales Manager, at Gold Eagle Co.

An unexpected benefit was a reduction in product returns since adding 360 spin images. “We are now able to avoid returns because we are providing consumers with more information beforehand with the 360 images,” says Salisia Webber.

There are companies like Yofla providing 360 product view software and some examples:-

This new technology can also be used for clothing:-