The Yahoo Directory To Close

The Yahoo Directory is closing 31st December 2014, and for those that are too young to remember this was once one of the most important parts on the Internet.

This was before well before Google, a complete man made list of websites that was split into topics and in its day was shaping the Internet.

Yahoo Directory Screenshot - Closing 31st December 2014


Yahoo announced this when the directory is nearly 20 years of age.

This is not the only product they are closing down, they are also closing Yahoo Education30th September 2014 and also Qwiki on 1st November 2014.

In 1994 Yahoo began and they soon ruled the internet and became one of the most common ways that people found websites.

Was Google the killer of Yahoo? Google came along in 1998 and have developed the Internet to be apart of our life in our view and for this reason we believe it stands a good chance.