Super Anna Louise Swabey

anna-swabeyThis is an unusual blog post but an important one. Whilst giving to charity for a good cause on Justgiving I found myself on a recommendation for ANNA LOUISE SWABEY.

I read the information and thought to myself what an horrific thing that I had no understanding about. Then I noticed the comments R.I.P and my heart strings were pulled so I read more and more.

I ended up on the blog:-

After reading this and the post from Anna’s sister with the tears running down my face I felt that all my stress and over work as the director of company was simply not important.

We all have tough weeks at work with too much to do and clients demanding more, the most demanding clients not paying the bills and all this results is stress levels rising the higher up you look in a company.

Well sat in front of PC on a Friday night recovering a clients hacked site and feeling that this week has been tough i read the blog about Anna and felt I should write about this and share this to make sense of life for us all.

Anna from what I have read was an incredible person who never gave up. She died the day before her wedding – horrific and my sadness for family is something words cannot describe.

Anna wrote “I am determined to leave a mark on the world, and I am desperate to make a difference.” so let all spread the word and help her achieve this goal.

R.I.P Anna

Ian Bevis
Chameleon Web Services


I am 23 years old and have recently been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour (It still feels bizarre when I write that down or say it out loud).

I have decided to start writing about my ‘brain tumour journey’, in the form of this blog “Inside My Head”.

Please join me on my journey…

In July this was a video post she made talking about her Birthday in July and Wedding coming in September:-