Today we received a cold call from a company suggesting they are calling from FaceBook using the telephone number 08458621880.

They offered us advertsing on FaceBook for a fixed fee of £198 which was for 30 days.

Obviously being an Internet Marketing company we have more information than a normal business owner who the call is targeted it.

To understand more detail we allowed the call to continue to be explained so many inaccurate details that we felt it was are responsibility to explain what this information is in attempt to help others.

They do not work for FaceBook, you can setup Facebook adverts yourself just like Google Adwords. Using a professional company to manage a service like this will save you money and have a better result for your investment if the company provides a good job.

If you want to investigate a company and to see if they are any good simply take a look at what they do for themselves. If you go to the website and look for at the portfolio the websites shown are broken. They have a website at the bottom of their own website and the websites in the portfolio that error have this domain address also.

You can get a general feel for if a company is doing what they say they are by looking at they traffic keywords and a free tool you can use us

To see if they actually advertise themselves you can use the FREE keyword spy tool:-

Who is See It Click It

Name: Adeel Khaliq
Organization: UK Business Utilities Ltd
ContactID: AT17944289-072
Address: Third Floor Hilton House, Manchester, M1 2EH.

This was setup: 01 03 2011

It is our view that this company is not genuine. This information provided here is for research purposes only and we are not recommending that you do not use them, but simply providing the information that we found.

We would recommend you Google the domain name “