PIV Positive Input Ventilation

Every house is different and we all have different issues in one way or anther.

How To Stop Mould In Your Home – Water Droplets in Roof

The director of Chameleon was faced with water droplets in the loft on inside of the roof and this was quickly making boxes in the loft and items mouldy.

Thanks to the Internet he did some research and found this video:-

Envirovent PIV Positive Input Ventilation EEL Edmundson Electrical Aberystwyth

PIV explanation - guaranteed cure to condensation and mould

He then did some research into PIV Positive Input Ventilation systems and found this product:-

He has purchased and installed the Nuaire Drimaster 2000 and it didn’t take more than 1 hour to complete.

After 24 hours the loft was nearly completely dry and within the home the air felt better which was a health improvement he was not looking for at the time.

He was so impressed with t he improvements we have written this small blog post about this in case it helps other realise a product that many do not know even exist.

The product purchased:-