Google Penguin 3.0 Launched on Oct 18

Google-Penguin-Update-LThe SEO world is again all going mad with the news that Google have rolled out yet another algorithmic update which is Google Penguin 3.0. It has been announced and launched on Sunday October 18th 2014 which is just over a year since the Penguin 2.1 update was launched October 4th 2013.

In the SEO industry there are mixed reports of big losses and other with big gains so it is again dependant upon the type of SEO activity that has been carried out. As always following Google’s guidelines means you should have nothing to worry about and we have seen many of our sites gain in rankings due to our hard work. With clients sites that came to us with Google penalties we are also seeing huge jumps and this suggests that potentially penalties have been removed or refocused.

It is really too early to tell if we have seen the full extent to what the Penguin 3.0 update has changed but from our point of view this is another movement forwards helping us achieve of clients goals.

What can you do if your site has suddenly dropped and lost rankings? First thing is do not panic, wait over the next few days to let the dust settle, if the site doesn’t recover then contact one of our SEM consultants to take a look at the profile of the domain and understand why and what caused the problem. It might be a quick fix or a complicated repair process but either way we will be able to fix this.


One of the things we have come to learn is that Google have also rolled out with this update a way to reduce the rankings of pirate sites which is a movement forwards in the copyright world due to the fact that Google contains pirated media locations and is used by users to find movies and music illegally. With Google beginning to punish pirate sites within the search results this will make it more difficult to find pirated materials. Google have stated that this move is designed to “help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily” and we feel this is great movement forward.