Google Maps Billing Platform Costs

Google is changing the way that they access to Google API’s which could affect your website so take note.

Starting June 11th 2018, Google is rolling out a new pay-as-you-go pricing model for Google Maps Platform API usage. To help with the integration to this new model they are giving an additional month until the new pricing goes into effect. This means officially as of July 16th 2018 the new costing plans will be taking payments

How Much Does Google Maps Cost?

As of July 16th 2018 the for using Maps JavaScript API, Maps Static API, or Street View API will be 0.007 USD per each Map load which works out to be 7.00 USD per 1000 Map loads for the first 100,000. If your usage is between 100,001 and 500,000 then you pay a reduced cost of 0.0056 USD per each Map load which works out to be 5.60 USD per 1000 Map loads. For usage above 500,000 you need to contact Google sales team for volume pricing.

For each billing account that qualifies to use the Google Maps Platform SKUs will receive $200 USD Google Maps Platform credit available each month. This will be automatically applied to the qualifying SKUs.

Does Panning, Zooming, or Switching map layers

No user interactions with the maps such as panning, zooming, or switching map layers will not generate additional map loads, these are always free.

What Was The Previous Pay-As-You-Go Usage Limits and Pricing

Until July 16th 2018, the Maps JavaScript API allowed for FREE 25,000 map loads per 24 hours. After exceeding the free usage limits then billing you need to enable pay-as-you-go billing to unlock the higher quotas which are then charged at $0.50 USD / 1000 additional requests, up to 100,000 per 24 hour.