Google Business View is a superb way for hotels to attract more valuable bookings and things have just got even better.

Google Maps Business View let customers see inside
Google have designed a targeted presence just for hotels, it shows just how serious Google are about the internet hospitality sector. Each area of the hotel business, such as bedrooms, restaurants, swimming pools and so on can now be launched as a separate tour. On-line users will no longer be forced to travel large distances between features.

The universal Street View navigation system allows users to move around each part of the tour with ease and a helpful image carousel is placed at the footer of the Google Maps screen. It’s never been easier to instantly select an area of choice.


The virtual tours appear on Google Search, Maps and Google Hotel Finder. Helpful features like scripts to allow link sharing and embedding into web sites. Google Business View is a fantastic visual product helping build trust with customers and encourage extra bookings.

Disabled clients can also assess the accessibility of the Hotel.

Chameleon Web Services is proud to be able to off this great addition to the Google Maps service.

Google Hotel View is the way to go…