Auto Trader Printed Edition Stop Today

Auto Trader Printed Edition Stop Today

If you are looking for a sign of change that everything is moving online, then the fact that today the Auto Trader has confirmed that it is stopping printing their magazine to focus only on digital methods of advertising cars comes as a clear indicator. The Trader Media Group who are the publisher’s of Auto Trader magazine have confirmed that June 2013 is the last edition.

They have also confirmed that June will be the last of Top Marques, Truck and Plant, Van Trader and Farm Trader as everything continues online.

The circulation of the printed Auto Trader magazine has decreased since its peak of 368,000 in January 2000. It is reported that this is now 27,000 in March 2013.

This compared to an increase in digital traffic, with mobile up 67%, tablet up 130% and computer up 13% year on year confirms that the online market is still increasing significantly.

The Auto Trader website now receives 11 million unique visitors a months and 3.5 million through its mobile site, proving that having an online presence reaches a much wider audience than most magazines and newspapers.