What Is Citation In SEO

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SEO is a marketing tool with many variables depending on your business and sales strategies. There are many parts to Search Engine Optimisation which can be quite confusing. A common question we get asked at Chameleon is “What is a Citation for SEO?”

This article will break down the Citation process into core components to help explain things clearly.

What on earth is a Citation?

A Citation is a mention of your business name on another website, this can of course include a backlink to your website but it’s not necessary to have one. That explanation is a simple as it gets. No need for complicated waffle.

So why are citations so important for S.E.O?

Google use Citations as part of their Search Algorithm to determine how to rank your site in the Search Engines against competing websites.

A simple example for small and local businesses is as follows, if your Cake Shop has more citations than the other Cake Shops in the area, you are more likely to rank higher than them in the Search Engine results.

Is your Business Real?

If you have an office, shop or unit with an address then surely consider yourself to be real. Citations are tools Google use to verify your business is actually real. Getting website Citations often require verification via postcards or phone, especially from high quality ones which are less likely to be fake or manipulated. Citations from trusted sites are usually more difficult to obtain.

These website Citations, are they all equal?

No, citations from large and important sites such as will carry far more power than a citation from a new or small website. If your business is local then getting Citations from a local Chamber of Commerce or other trusted local directories will help improve your online profile within the surrounding business community. It all helps the Search Engines to believe you are a trusted local business.

How does this actually help me?

In real terms you are more likely to be found by online customers looking for the goods and services you provide. As with all things S.E.O, it’s a basic principle but there’s a lot more to it if you research the matter thoroughly. Maintaining consistency with your name, address, postcode, business reviews and listing on Google+ Local helps a lot. The content and popularity of your site along with many other factors helps to build trust in your company as a genuine service provider in local area.

SEO and Citations for Small Businesses

As you may have just read, for any small business in cities or towns citations are a useful way to ensure your online profile gains power gaining visibility within locally driven search queries.

If you have any questions about Citations for your local business or Small business SEO, please get in touch so we can help.