SuperDry Rankings

As part of the research we carry out for SEO and online marketing we track specific brands and SuperDry has been monitored for the last few years. This happens when we are asked to look into the online profile of high profile companies and then have to setup monitoring and tracking which is then really helpful to see what others are doing in the industry.

Our work providing Google Penalty Advice provides us with a huge amount of data we simply could not get. As a company providing recovery plans following other SEO companies carrying out work that is not to Googles guidelines, we have a huge insight into what not to do:-

Google Penalty Advice

Our monitoring has tracked that SuperDry is dropping online rankings:-

SuperDry rankings

Taking a look over the online domain profile of

SuperDry Trust

SuperDry Backlinks

The backlinking profile of SuperDry has had some spikes which need further investigation, one of the backlinks is from another SuperDry site which was used in the past as the online store. This domain is now redirected to the main site and this has trust issues:-

SuperDry Store

Looking at the backlinks in details we can see the there are 1413 links from which got indexed in November 2016 and this site has zero trust.

There are a large number of other links to this domain which are not trusted:-

There are also various directory links that are not trusted, for example (

This is a small sample of things we have found researching a leading brand name that has dropped in Google rankings…

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