Adwords Management Problems

We often get asked to review Google Adwords for companies of all sizes and when we start the research we identify issues that are common. There are many companies providing Adwords management services and suggested they understand how to achieve goals.

When Chameleon starts to work on an Adwords campaign we first have to understand the business and then find the negative keywords related to this industry, product or service.

For example working with a company providing Allow Wheels Repairs we need to find keywords that people using Google might use that can trigger an advert which will lead to a negative clicks.

Below is an example of search terms that would not appear if the keyword “free” was added to the negative keyword list:-

adwords management

This Google search result is perfectly fine if you are top of Google in the organic listings and the company’s Chipsaway and Revive will get clicks here which have no click costing making this add value to them.

However if you were paying for Google Adwords here this is wrong, there is no clear indication what the end goal of the person searching is. If the person searching was looking for Alloy Wheel Repairs then it should come at a cost so using the keyword “free” makes this a keyword that is likely to result in no sales lead. The daily Adwords budget could run out due to these clicks so it is recommended to focus on keywords that will add value to your business.

Google Adwords spend should be targeted and carefully planned. We have taken on advertising campaigns with budgets of £1,000 per day that were hitting this on a frequent basis. Following our research and then tweaks we was able to achieve on average a 70% saving and at the same time  increase the quality of the leads which has seen returns as high  160% improvement on ROI.

We have become in the Industry the Google Adwords Hero’s…