Cheap SEO

Many SEO companies advertise ‘cheap SEO’ to try and entice customers who potentially have a small budget for SEO, or do not want to spend a lot on this service altogether, or wish to try the service before they commit their full budget to it. Whatever the reason why cheap SEO may seem like a good option, please be warned that it is not!

The truth is that cheap SEO companies use strategies which can irreversibly damage your website’s reputation and standing within Google. This is because they often use quick-fix black hat SEO techniques to show positive results immediately which are not ethical or sustainable in the long term. This means that they will damage your search engine rankings.

Cheap Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

A common cheap SEO technique is to purchase links to your website to make it appear reliable and popular; each link acts as an endorsement of your site. However, in practise link building is a time consuming process and so purchasing and having 500 links built to your site in a day is unrealistic and unnatural; Google penalises this activity by dropping the websites ranking position or removing them from the index altogether. Once these links are built, it is very difficult to get them removed as the owner of each linked site has to be contacted and asked to remove the link; not every website owner will be contactable and some may refuse to remove the links, meaning that damage is permanently done to your site.

Similarly, link farms are often used by cheap SEO companies which further damage your link profile. This is because the links created through these farms are often not related to your business sector and have no relevance, thus devaluing the power of the links.

In SEO, as in life, you get what you pay for. Cheap SEO is not worth taking a gamble on; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Look for an SEO company with reasonable prices and an established reputation; this research could be the difference between online success and failure.

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Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the backbone of most Internet marketing campaigns and can be the difference between online success and failure.

You many have a fantastic website which is user friendly and looks great, but what use is this if nobody knows that it exists? The vast majority of Internet users use search engines to locate the web page that best fits their query, therefore in order to stand a chance of capitalising on this traffic source, you need to appear in the search engine results associated with your website and business sector.

In order to do this, you need SEO. This is because only the best sites are displayed in the highest search engine rankings and receive the most traffic. To climb the rankings, your site needs to be optimised for both the user and also search engine spiders to be able to crawl it easily and index the pages.

SEO is not a simple task; it requires understanding of how search engines work and employing the best strategies to ensure that the experience for the user is positive as well as the site being easy to crawl by the Google spider.

Using an SEO company is generally the best way in which to pursue SEO as they have expert skills, knowledge and experience of the current Google updates which may affect the strategies to be used.