Search Engines Promotion

Having a website that looks great and functions well with everything your target audience needs to find is step one to your online success.

The next step is search engine promotion which involves carrying out on-page changes to make the website 100% friendly to search engines and this means making it Google friendly.

An SEO Company like Chameleon will look over the website using software and manual checks from experience and also check the competitors actions in the sector. Then carry out carefully planned improvements to enhance the website for search engines.

Visually 99% of the time things do not change, it is coding changes and additions that required for the likes of Google to better understand the website.

This will result in the website being promoted within the search results because the website is now relevant to specific keywords.

For example Google “Birmingham SEO Company” and look for Chameleon. Our website appears number one in the organic search results because we are most relevant for the search within Birmingham.

To find out more and understand how to promote your website give Chameleon a call on 0121 663 0456 today.


Do I Really Need An SEO Company

”Do I need an SEO company?”, is a question that business owners ask themselves. There are so many horror stories about working with an SEO company, we thought it would be good to explain our role in your business and why it’s important to use a company providing our services. We explain the costs involved whilst being as transparent as we possibly can.

Do I Need An SEO Company

My Competitors Appear in Google For Every Keyword

When you look in Google and see your competition, and not your own business, this suggests that the competition are using an SEO Company. This is the first part of how an online marketing company like Chameleon can help.

We have the tools and knowledge to look deep into what the competition are doing. Our research is invaluable and takes us just a few hours to identify what your rivals have been doing. We can trace back through years of their data and exactly work out how they have achieved success.

SEO companies like Chameleon use tools that are amazingly complex. Our SEO software is able to gather data about the competition that can be invaluable to fully grasp what is being carried out to achieve such high rankings within Google.

What Tools Do SEO Companies Use?

SEO Companies have to invest in equipment and software. There are many tools available which cover everything from exploring domain names or URL’s to looking at backlinks to check negative value which could lead to a penalty. Researching page titles, on-page content layout, structure, alt tags and anchor text to identify the keywords a webpage is aiming for and what the domain is actually achieving. Our tools show where the domain currently ranks in Google for specific keywords.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is one of the tools that all good SEO Companies will have in their tool box, Chameleon Web Services SEO consultants use it every day. We believe it is nearly impossible to carry out SEO without this software. Majestic crawls over 750 billion domain URL’s discovering insights on 2.8 trillion keywords, making this the largest web crawler in the world.

Anyone can use Majestic SEO but you need knowledge to understand the information and you have to pay a subscription cost. There are different subscriber levels allowing you to use the software in varying ways. For example if an SEO company is going to be looking at large blue chip companies then the amount of backlinks these domains will have require a greater subscription level than the Silver platform which costs £44.99 per month and allows you to download 5 million backlinks per month. This also provides 5,000 site explorer data rows and you can run 60 detailed reports per month.

If you are looking to carry out a lot of research on companies who rank on page one of Google, there are Gold and Platinum levels which provide even more data to be gathered. For example the Platinum package allows 950 detailed reports and 100 million downloadable backlinks with 30,000 site explorer data rows.

Majestic SEO Prices

We use Majestic SEO software as an integral part of our SEO process, if a business asks for quotation to carry out SEO services this is one of the first tools we use to check the trust flow and citation of the domain name to see if it has been damaged by a previous online marketing Company.

The team at Majestic came up with a great idea of showing who uses the software to its full potential and we are proud to currently rank 5th on the Global Leaderboard. The Majestic guys added over one hundred awards that can be achieved by using the platform and it takes a long, long time to achieve all the badges. Each badge achieved will boost the companies Majestic score, if you become a high level user then you will appear on the Global Leader page here –

Majestic SEO Global Leader Board

We also have our own business profile at Majestic SEO, it can be found here and explains a little about who we are:-

majestic seo business page

To provide an example showcasing how powerful this SEO software is we will use the website as an example:-

majestic seo example 1

majestic seo example 2

majestic seo example 3

majestic seo example 4

majestic seo example 5

The data available provides a valuable insight into the online footprint that any domain has. Majestic SEO is one of the best search engine optimisation software tools available. We could not run our online marketing business without this software.


SEM Rush

We use the SEO software SEM Rush which is very important for looking at competitors. It’s vital to understand everything that you can about your competition such as the organic keywords traffic and Google AdWords keywords that are being used. We are able to setup tracking data to capture specific information which is used every day. The ability to add a domain and analyse the keyword history data over the last year is an important part of our research.

Anyone can use this software at a monthly subscription cost starting at Pro level at $69.95 per month. This allows 10,000 results per report and you can run 3,000 reports per day. SEM Rush also provides the ability to create up to 5 projects tracking 500 keywords.

If you are looking to investigate higher amounts of data on blue chip companies you will need the Business profile which is currently priced at $549.95.

SEM Rush Pricing

To give an example of the powerful data captured by SEM Rush software take a look at the example of the

SEM Rush BBC Example

SEM Rush BBC Example 2

SEM Rush BBC Example 3

You can dig very deep into the data relating to any domain name and find out valuable information which SEO companies can use to move a clients website up the rankings.

We also use other in-house developed software to identify information which provides us with an upper hand over our competitors in the SEO industry.

Keyword Rank Tracking

An important part of what an Search Engine Optimisation Company does for a client is tracking the keyword positions in search engine results. This is vital to see firstly growth in ranking positions after carrying out SEO tasks but, most importantly, it provides a historical footprint showing growth.

If, for example, Google roll out a new algorithm, a SEO company can identify a problem instantly providing the ranking tracking is monitored daily. With their valuable experience they can fix problems and keep rankings on page one of Google.

At Chameleon we have used most of rank tracking software available, testing them to the limits and this has been a costly experience in some cases with results that we will not share online. We have also been involved in helping some of the leading rank tracking software develop by offering suggestions and improvements.

We currently use more than one rank tracking platform which includes in-house developed software that monitors daily client growth to provide backlink protection against a negative SEO attack.

We invest into more than one paid platform due to the fact that Google makes changes and this can effect our collective softwares usability. We need to have 100% accurate data at all times and comparing between reports is invaluable. For example the mobile roll out on the 21st April meant that many SEO rank tracking software providers needed to understand how to offer this as a solution. Mobile rank tracking is vital with the huge growth of users using Google on mobile devices.

There are many rank tracking software providers including (in no particular order) Pro Rank Tracker, Rank Watch, Rank Ranger, SE Ranking and they all play an important role for an online marketing company.

Anyone can use this software and costs vary on the level of detail required with the number of keywords you are looking to track. Also, if you require daily tracking this can be more costly.

Costing examples can be from £10 to £535 approximately and the required level will depend on the end results required.

At Chameleon we spend in excess of £3,000 per month on tracking keywords for clients due to the volume of keywords we monitor and the type of clients we work with.

rank tracking software costs example 1

rank tracking software costs example 2

rank tracking software costs example 3

rank tracking software costs example 4

To provide some information to show an example of rank tracking software data displaying daily positions which can quickly be shown in a graph output for specific date ranges:-

Keyword Rank Tracking example 1

Keyword Rank Tracking example 2

You can see from the graphs daily positions that, over time, the keyword “seo company in Birmingham” is moving from position 4, 5, 6 and then up to position 2. This is actual real data captured and shows how Google search results fluctuate as marketing companies carry out SEO work. It is for this very reason you should always have a high focus on search engine optimisation due to the fact that SEO does not stop, websites are gaining power daily and this effects Google positions.

Another example of rank tracking software monitoring, again, real data showing our own rankings.


rank tracking software 2

rank tracking software 3

In the examples here we have used our own SEO company rankings and blurred out sensitive data for our own privacy.

You can see in this example that we have ranked position 1 dropping to 2 at times but a constant top 3 position has been achieved for over 12 months. In fact we have been in this position since 2010 and we have always maintained high rankings when Google change the algorithm.

Do You Need To Create Backlinks?

Many companies do not understand the importance of backlinks and we have had conversations with potential customers in the quotation phases where it is believed that they are not important or anyone can build them.

Building backlinks can be very dangerous and if carried out incorrectly, or without checking the history and trust of the domain, a backlink could result in a penalty. You should also not pay for links provided by a link network as this is against Google’s guidelines and will, again, result in a penalty.

We recommend looking at methods of creating a natural backlinking profile by creating content that is both useful and interesting, which connects with the target audience. This will generate backlinks and these are part of the signals that Google uses to identify the relevance and trust of a domains content. There are many methods of generating backlinks which add power and this is a very complex topic that often causes a lot of debate.

Part of an SEO company’s job is to check the back linking profiles to ensure this stays clean. The problems we discover are that many SEO companies create the problems in the first place for their clients by not understanding how Google works and what the requirements are needed to make Google understand a websites content. It requires experience to understand the data and analyse its importance in search results on page one.

Chameleon has ranked number 1 in Google on page one for the keyword “Google Penalty Advice”:-

google penalty advice

This has provided Chameleon with an insight into the problems that many SEO companies cause by creating tens of thousands of spammy links to clients domain names on blog sites as comments and forum posts or profiles.

This means that the internet is becoming full of useless data and it is for this reason Google make changes to combat this spam and prevent this adding value to rankings. In 2009 this was a method used by most SEO companies and there was software available which carried out these tasks.

It is one of the most frustrating things as a webmaster to have spam comments auto generated and requiring approval. How many times have you seen this in your inbox?:-

A new comment on the post “SEO Company” is waiting for your approval

Many clients have no idea what this is and we do everything possible to block it allowing clients email accounts to show real emails relating to their business rather than showing lots of spam emails about spam links.

Do not try and create links unless you understand what you are doing.

Finding An SEO Company You Can Trust

Chameleon has been in the internet industry since 2001 and have witnessed a lot of SEO companies come and go. Many have changed domain names due to issues that they have caused in an attempt to grow their own websites rankings.

The SEO sector is obviously crammed with companies suggesting that they are the best and everyone will explain that their methods are better than another. The proof is to look on Google and check to see if you can find them.

There are various websites you can use that will quickly tell if you an SEO company even has a profile online such as which will show where the website ranks in terms of traffic globally.

seo company alexa traffic

bbc alexa

The smaller the number the higher the traffic. Alexa was founded in 1996 and is one of the global pioneers of analytical insight. The traffic estimates that are used are based on data from their global traffic panel which samples millions of internet users using over 25,000 different browser extensions. All the data is compiled and then they create a global website traffic leader board.

If you have an SEO company that doesn’t have a profile, perhaps you should start asking questions.

We take pride in being unique, we break the mould providing our clients with ethical SEO services and operate in a transparent manner putting the trust back into the SEO sector. All of our clients often thank us for what we do and for what we have achieved which includes not only growing their business online but explaining how search engine optimising works, helping them understand what they can do to help themselves.

We do not hide behind technical jargon, we break it down into ways that our clients can understand.
We have never used a sales team for cold calling, we do not carry out email marketing, we simply do our job and the achievement results for our clients is the same as what we use to grow our own business.

For example look at the search keyword “Birmingham SEO Company”:-

seo birmingham

We rank in position 1 and 2 on page one of Google, this sends a clear signal in our view that we understand SEO and can achieve high ranking results.

To explain things for people new to search, the companies paying for Google AdWords are in competition with each other and bidding an amount of money to have a position in the Google search results due to them not ranking for the keywords. This costs around £13.00 a click for example which results in potential leads as inexperienced Google users think that the SEO company paying for the Google AdWords is ranking in position 1.

Many SEO companies will use Google AdWords to achieve leads and this is because page one has 10 spots making it difficult to achieve results. AdWords is often used as a way to find clients who do not understand how Google works.

Some of the major UK keywords cost a large sum of money and to cover the advertising costs you need to charge your clients a lot of money due to increased overheads.

google adwords seo company keywords

The list here shows some random keywords that we believe do not add any value to an SEO Company and yet the Google AdWords costs are very high and companies pay for them.

KeywordAvg Monthly SearchCost Per ClickMonthly Cost
PPC Agency590£33.34£19,670.60
SEO PPC Agency10£22.77£227.70
SEO and PPC Agency10£22.54£225.40
SEO Agencies140£21.82£3,054.80
Out Source SEO50£21.30£1,065.00
Best UK SEO Company10£21.24£212.40

An SEO company using these keywords would need a budget of £24,455 per month to achieve constant positions in Google Search and we believe this would not have a viable return on investment.

If you look at one of the major SEO company keywords in Google AdWords:-

seo company adwords

This keyword alone costs £14.43 a click with a search volume of 2,900 per month and this means any SEO company wishing to attack this is going to spend a lot of money on advertising to try and win clients:-

KeywordAvg Monthly SearchCost Per ClickMonthly Cost
seo company2900£14.43£41,847.00

As a company that can achieve organic SEO traffic we do not do this. We focus on keywords that have a ROI and will drive business to us. We use our in-house developed SEO techniques to gain rankings which saves us thousands a month on Google AdWords costs.

The SEO Company’s Role In Your Business

To summarise all this information and explain what the role of the SEO company does for your business, please read below.

  • Investigate and research the competition.
  • Understand the competition focus.
  • Understand what the competition have done to achieve their goals.
  • Identify what competitor backlinks add value.
  • Identify what backlinks your domain has.
  • Identify what backlinks cause problems.
  • Create a plan for natural backlink building.
  • Identify keywords that will have a ROI.
  • Track the rankings of the keywords.
  • Check and fix all the on-page content.
  • Identify website improvements to increase conversion rates.
  • Check and create profiles that Google uses as signals for rankings.
  • Provide advice on how to move your business forwarding using other means.
  • Protect against negative SEO.


How To Choose an SEO Company

We recommend if an SEO company emails or cold calls you, first look at why they choose this method of contact as a business model. Having a sales team results in higher overheads in order to win work. These overheads are going to be passed on to the client and the very fact that the company is cold calling suggests that they do not get traffic online.

Chameleon does not spend money on getting sales which means our business spends its money in areas that adds value to our clients. Our work will attract new clients as we achieve rankings for our own benefit, in order to do this we have to understand how to carry out SEO in the most competitive sector – our own.

Interested in working together?

We’re passionate care about helping businesses like yours overcome their challenges and grow. If you think Chameleon is the right fit for you – we’d love to hear from you!

SEO Ranking Improvements – Best SEO Company

We get asked lots of questions from potential new clients and as an SEO Company that operates in a transparent manner we wanted to share an example of how ranking improvements move as a general rule of thumb and provide information to help understand SEO companies a little better.

SEO Ranking Graph Showing Improvements

SEO Ranking Improvements

Looking at this graph you can see that the client was already on page two position 25 in Google which makes improvements easier and quicker than a keyword that is not in the top 100.

We investigate the clients website and the competition on page one of Google for the chosen keyword. We then identify an SEO bespoke SEO plan to achieve success and then start the process.

We improve the website itself which is known as on-page SEO changes and then create a powerful link profile which will be found by Google and when the Google Index is updated with this new data the value is added to the information relating to the domain name and then Google will prefer our client over other websites for the chosen keyword. Sounds simple, what has to be considered is that all the other SEO companies are doing the same in their own way.

SEO Company Methods of Success

Each SEO company will have a slightly different way of achieving success and often they will be using a technique that has worked for them previously. We have hundreds of test sites with careful analysis tracking and monitoring to identify the Google Algorithm changes and this information is critical to us in keeping ahead of the competition SEO Companies. We use this data to identify what is required to be on page one of Google and what is required to achieve top 3 positions.

Our SEO success is a mix of mathematically calculated data and high quality content written in house to ensure no duplication occurs. All the on-page SEO changes we make are identified using our in-house SEO tools and checked against purchased software to see what other SEO companies are doing following the software guidelines. There are only a handful of decent SEO software platforms available and we use all to compare the difference’s as this gives us even more data for our analysis. If the competition SEO companies are all using the same software then the results are going to be same to a point and this is the reason we break the mould and have some of the best rankings in the most competitive sectors.

Often the SEO software will suggest changes that we don’t agree with and this is not followed and we achieve position one in the Google search results, the other SEO companies will be following these guidelines and this makes our job easier.

Birmingham SEO Company

There are various ways that an SEO company can prove their service and one of the most important is being able to achieve ranking for their own website as well as clients. Many SEO companies in Birmingham have had to change domain names following Google Algorithm changes due to problems and penalties. This is not good and if this was a clients domain name that was damaged then this leads to problems that can destroy a business if the reliance is on Google for income from search results with new clients finding them to produce revenue then this can lead to the company going under.

To compare and show an example of this if we take the keyword “Birmingham seo services” which is a keyword SEO companies in Birmingham look to achieve. If you look below you can see in Google that Chameleon is ranking in position 1 and 3. This is obviously fantastic for us due to the fact that the top three positions are the most important and to fight an SEO battle against our competition and have two out of the three position available is amazing:-

Birmingham SEO Services

Google search results change and this example is as of 29/10/2014.

So using the companies shown here which are obviously SEO Companies that are in Birmingham and in competition for the same keywords offering similar services, how can you then compare them to see how good they are at what they do?

There is one way to compare the overall number of keywords that they rank for due to this being an important factor to consider, ranking for only one keyword to prove you can achieve online success is not really proof that you can deliver results and using Google Adwords to be in the search results is a costly way to get clients and these costs will be passed down to the client in some way.

The comparison will be made using SEM RUSH a 3rd party SEO software platform that anyone can use and we will compare the following companies:-

  • Chameleon Web Services –
  • SEO Silly –
  • Kalexiko –
  • UC4 –
  • SEO Results4U –
  • Essential Marketer –
  • 3Sixty Search –
  • e-foreknowledge –
  • WOW Internet –

SEO Company Rankings

Click here for the exact data from the first graph or Click here for the exact data from the second graph.

Looking at the data you can see that the number of keywords each SEO company ranks for will vary by the month and this is due to the work being carried in a highly competitive sector and also the Google Algorithm changes. We have gone back to 2011 to show a clear understanding of the changes and from our own keywords ranked you can see in 2014 it is more difficult to rank for a large number of keywords. I would point out that in October 2014 we have gained a large amount of keywords not shown in this graph due the SEM RUSH system not posting this data yet.

An example of the changes that Google made and the change to the number of keywords ranking for example we can look at Ebay:-

Ebay rankings in Google

This article on Search Engine Land talks about the changes following the Google Panda 4.0 update. READ MORE.

SEO is a complicated process and every search engine optimisation company will say that their method is best but ultimately results talk and Google makes the job more difficult each month. We carry out SEO to Google’s guidelines to ensure that our clients do not get hit with a penalty and we work to monitor negative SEO protecting clients.

Who is the Best Birmingham SEO Company

To answer this question would be wrong due to us being very biased however, who is the best SEO Company in Birmingham is something that we believe needs to the following. Has the company delivered SEO for a number of years with success following all the Google changes and do they carry out white hat SEO?

The answer to this is there are various companies in Birmingham to choose from and our recommendation is to speak with the companies and see who makes you feel comfortable. Choosing the wrong company can lead to disaster and this will be a costly fix.

Note: Nothing in the article is aimed to name or shame an SEO Competitor the and article has been written following questions from potential clients.

Best SEO Company

Best SEO CompanyOne of the most common questions that we get asked is “Who is the Best SEO Company?” yet this is not simple to answer.

Some SEO companies suggest they are the best and attribute this to the fact that they are working with large clients; however large clients are possibly the easiest to gain results for. This is due to them already having a natural SEO foundation of followers and links including press releases.

Take for example Aston Villa in Birmingham; how would they really know if the chosen SEO company by AVFC was carrying out SEO well?

The most searched keywords for the domain are:-

aston villa
villa aston
villa park

Who do you think the competitors are for these terms? There are few.

The on-page SEO can seen here –

In contrast, a small company trying to sell a service or products is far more difficult to work with than a large brand name; if the services or products are in competition with a leading brand name then the task of the SEO company is huge.

For example, an accountant in the Black Country is quite difficult to achieve rankings for. This is because there are many of them so the number 1 position in Google is going to be fairly competitive for the keywords:-

black country accountant
accountant black country

For both of these you will find a Chameleon client Sandwell Accountancy Services Ltd in position one.

To make this more difficult, consider an accountant in the Black Country who wants to attract clients from Birmingham, and to make things even more difficult Birmingham City Centre, they would need to be appearing for keywords like:-

Central Birmingham Accountant
Central Birmingham Accounts
Accountant Services Birmingham
Birmingham Accountancy Services

Again, you will find Sandwell Accountancy Services Ltd in the top position, which means that for the Birmingham area Chameleon could be said to be the best Birmingham SEO Company.

What if we Google “Best Birmingham SEO Company”, who do we find top of Google? Chameleon Web Services.

For a Birmingham based SEO company to state that they are the best in the SEO industry they must appear for the SEO terms relating to the Industry in the top 3 position of

Chameleon’s rankings are as follows:

best birmingham seo company – 1st
birmingham seo company – 1st
seo company birmingham – 1st
seo services birmingham – 1st
seo consultant birmingham – 1st
birmingham seo consultancy – 1st
birmingham seo companies – 1st
seo company in birmingham – 1st
birmingham seo services – 1st
seo companies in birmingham – 1st

What about other related services such as Google Adwords? The best SEO company in Birmingham should also be able to get No 1 in Google for these terms:-

adwords birmingham – 1st
google adwords management birmingham – 1st

Ultimately then, the figures speak for themselves; Chameleon Web Services is Birmingham’s Best SEO Company.

SEO Package Prices

The price of SEO services varies greatly between different companies and depends heavily on the sector in which your website is a part of in terms of competition and the amount of keywords you wish to rank for. Ultimately, it all comes down to time; the more time that an SEO company needs to spend on optimising your site, the more expensive your SEO package will be.

Many SEO companies provide packages with different levels of service being described as Gold, Silver or Bronze or similar denominations. Obviously, the higher the quality of the SEO package, the more features you will receive such as more keywords optimised for, social networking pages optimised and more articles created and submitted. The overall SEO package prices are set at the discretion of the SEO company.

If you are trying to research the cost of SEO then looking at SEO package prices is a good place to begin. It will give you an upfront idea of the general prices and the sorts of services that you can expect to receive for these prices. However, it is not always the best strategy to sign up to a package deal as the services on offer may not exactly suit your individual requirements.

This is because your SEO campaign should be bespoke and therefore the pricing structure based upon your exact requirements, rather than a generic overview. No two SEO campaigns are the same so it is impossible to set a price for a successful campaign which is chosen by the client. For example, an insurance company would face lots of competition for its keywords whilst a local mobile hairdresser chasing local location terms would not; in theory they could both choose the same package but experience very different results.

In order to get the best experience, choose an SEO company who offer a bespoke service.