Magento subcategories not showing

We have upgraded a clients core Magento files today and found that the sub category’s stopped working.

We had previously added the code creating a static block which calls the sub category groups. Following the upgrade the category area became blank and with a Google search “Magento subcategories not showing” we found many people have the same issue.

For information purposes we upgraded from version 1.7 to version 1.9.

magento sub category images enabled

The image shows the actions required to enable the use of blocks.

Click on “System” then “Permissions” followed by “Blocks”.

Create a new Block Name matching the required block used for sub category inclusion. Select “Is Allowed” and then clear all cache and check the site.

magento sub category images showing

Magento subcategories not showing Technical Data:

File Locations:-


Create a file called “subcategory_listing.phtml” and this file should contain the following:-

Contact Us for the coding if you need it.


Check you have the following file “Navigation.php”

Create a new static block by going to “CMS” then “Static Blocks” and click “Add New Block”.

Block Title: Sub Category Listing
Identifier: subcategory_listing
Status: Enabled
Content: {{block type=”catalog/navigation” template=”catalog/navigation/subcategory_listing.phtml”}}

Locate the category via “Catalogue” then “Manage Categories” and select the desired category.

Select on the “Display Settings” the following:-

Display Mode: Static Block only
CMS Block: Sub Category Lsiting
Is Anchor: No

Now check the website.