JEdit Java Editor Review

jedit logoOver ten years ago it was created, Java the write once, run it anywhere programming tool which has really helped web developers across the globe.

We have been using Java in house for years and found that the JEdit text editor for programmer’s is one of the very best examples of what Java was setup for, the cross-platform editor works amazing.

Those that use the Eclipse editor, another java based open source programming tool will be using this with the additional plugins available and be very happy with the performance, but often they will not even be aware of JEdit at all and both are very similar.

JEdit is aimed at coders and can be converted to be a complete integrated development environment with the right plugins and become one of the most amazing editor programs available with compiling, code completion and simple debugging made simple and there are other added functions that can be added quickly making this so valuable to all who use it.

For our programmers working with various open source languages such as PHP, Python and Perl using JEdit is like having a swiss army knife ready for your ever need. Adding extra functionality is simple with the readily available plugins and this makes code parsing for example simple.

jedit screenshot

The user interface provides dual or tri-platform development, with a portable working environment.

You only have to learn one interface for use in different situations on different operating systems making this the best available editor we use.

Why not try it for yourself: DOWNLOAD