Improving Google Business Photos

We have been working with Google on Business Photos for a number of years now and have been involved in some of the many changes going forward. Google works very hard behind the scenes making improvements to the services they provide.

Google Business Photos Multi Level Facility Issues

As we have progressed forward with Google we have moved from small shops with simple 5 position shoots to huge demanding shoots and we have pushed Google’s software to its limits. When we carried out the first Holiday Inn Hotel at Birmingham Airport we encountered a technical challenge as this needed different layers and at this point in time this was not available and we have worked on varied ways to carry out this task.

Google Business Photo Navigation Progress

Note on the original concept the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J.

If you did not even see this look below:-

Google Business Photos Mutli Layer Tours

This was the first way in which we was able to create multi level tours, but this is not obvious and also not really adding value to the tour.

Google Business Photos New Mutli Layer Tours

The latest version shows images of the tour which are attractive and in our view is now what is required to add multi level tour ability.