Google Mobile Algorithm Change – April 21st 2015

So today is the big day that Google roll out their Mobile Algorithm Change. Tuesday April 21st 2015 will have caused many webmasters with old sites to consider upgrading to a new website. Back in 2013 Google made a mobile ranking algorithm change, the first roll out of its kind. This latest change is a much larger update to the way Google look at websites and what is checked.

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Has this effected your website?  If it has let us know as there are some quick steps we can carry out to get a medium term resolution.

When is Google releasing the mobile-friendly algorithm update?

Tuesday April 21st 2015 is the day that Google has scheduled according to their updates.

If a site is not mobile friendly will desktop rankings drop?

No according to the information we have.

Does the mobile change include tablet search results?

No according to the information, the update will effect mobile’s only.

Can you check your website is Mobile Friendly to Google’s guidelines.

Yes, here