Google Shopping & Merchant File pre-processing:Failure

If use Google Shopping & Merchant services you will probably see soon if not already have seen this message “File pre-processing:Failure” :-

Google Shopping & Merchant File pre-processing:Failure

From our research, this is a Google issue and they will fix this. Do not make lots of changes to your feed to fix this because you might introduce errors.

If your website products are showing in Google shopping then just leave it alone and ignore the message for the moment.

Google Panda Update On September 5th 2014

On Friday 5th September 2014 Google carried out another Panda refresh. This has had webmasters and SEO consultants in a spin complaining about yet more traffic loses.

We are happy to report that Chameleon clients have gained from the loses and grown in rankings thanks to the white label SEO services we provide following Google guidelines.

Google Algorithm Update Panda Penguin 2013Following some of the communications made in reference to this update the user JohnMu (a.k.a John Mueller) commented on the Google Webmaster forumI’d recommend making sure your website has unique, compelling, and high-quality content of its own — not just content from other websites.”

It seems that SEO companies are still not understanding that there is no easy and quick way to rank a website. Hard work and effort pays off.

These links contain information that might be useful.

Google Message “Thin content with little or no added value”

If you have received the message from Google saying “Thin content with little or no added value” then you need to watch this video of Matt Cutts explained how and why these message have been sent out:-

Thin content with little or no added value