Google Algorithm Research

Google Algorithm Research

Our Google Algorithm Research has detected that on the 7th February there was a strange shift in the rankings of what were powerful websites and weak websites have taken over. By weak we mean spammy potential black hat SEO sites.

The SEO news states that a Google algorithm update took place which was potentially targeting spammy links which means that we think Google have made an update and this has gone wrong or the SEO tools like Majestic SEO have got things wrong, very wrong.

We have detected also a major keyword in a highly competitive sector ranking number 1 for over 3 years dropped:-

google algorithm ranking change

The recovery was odd and we did nothing to fix this.

google algorithm ranking difference

It is clear from this graph for a different website with a very strong profile we are working on which is a newer client that the same pattern took place.

During this time we found websites that we class as poor low-quality ranking for positions that in our view they should not be.

algaroo changes in ranking february 2017

Looking at Algoroo it shows fluctuations in February which might have caused this based on the information in the SEO world on the 7th February 2017.

We will continue to try and understand what has caused this.