What are Keywords?

One important factor in any SEO campaign is understanding keywords. Keywords are words and phrases web users enter into search engines that are then used to deliver them with relevant results. Keywords are extremely important as they are the link made between what a user is searching for and the content on a site.

However, there is more to keywords than just ‘choosing the right words’, it has to be phrased correctly too. For example, you may have your own band and want to rank for the term ‘wedding bands’ however, instead of attracting budding couples looking for a musical group for their occasion you may accumulate traffic that are looking for rings to propose with.  This is just one example of how keywords can be complex.

In any SEO campaign, keywords should be used strategically in order to improve site traffic. As earlier explained the likelihood of your site receiving a higher rank on a search engine is determined by how effectively the SEO has been applied.

It is well known that internet users are unlikely to search through multiple pages of the search engines results pages. For companies this means that if your site is not on the first page of the SERP then you may receive little to no traffic.

Why are keywords important?

When crawling the internet a search engine will look at many factors when it comes to ranking a page; One being content. The content on your site helps search engines by using keywords to show them you can provide the information the internet user is searching for.

Keywords are important to search engines, but this is not the only reason why they should be used. Keywords should focus on internet users as well. You should choose which keywords you use depending on what words potential clients or visitors will use when searching for your product or service.

If you use the wrong keywords this may result in little to no traffic reaching your page, as your content doesn’t contain the words they are using to search. On the other hand, using the right keywords can lead your business to success.

To conclude, using the wrong keywords can cause the wrong audience to reach your page or in a worse case scenario none at all, and if the right keywords are used search engines will be able to identify your site and deliver it to the correct users.

what are keywords