Woolwich Attack

Streets cordoned off in East London after a serious incident in Woolwich 22/05/2013.

The BBC’s latest information from an eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous:-

“I was walking my dog and heard some shouting about 50 yards from me. A man was running down the road and being chased by a car. The car then screeched to a halt and two men got out one had some kind of sword. They literally swung at the other guy’s head. The armed police turned up and there were some shots. We were told to go home and now they won’t let us out. We’re in lockdown. There actually now seems more activity than there was before. I can hear helicopters and there are police officers with guns.”

The serious incident tent now covers the area around the scene. There are army officers talking with the police but the details are not being released as to what has happened and why these events have taken place.

Woolwich Attack

The first reports stated a man wearing Help For Heroes T-shirt hacked to death by machetes. Unconfirmed twitter releases stated that the victim was beheaded in broad day light.

Woolwich Attack Beheading 22 05 2013

BBC reported that three victims were down. “3 people lying on the ground surrounded by police & paramedics”, said BBC on Twitter.

Woolwich Attack Police Shooting 22 05 2013

Woolwich Car Used In Attack 22 05 2013

Woolwich Attack Beheading Car

Woolwich Attack Weapons 22 05 2013

The headteacher of Mulgrave primary school David Dixon said that the air ambulance had landed in the school playground.

One report stated “Some black guys have ran a white man over and started hacking his head off with a machete”, “Then the Armed response come, one guy goes to attack policewoman, she shoots him dead ‘like Robocop’. The other guy tries shooting a gun, it backfires and blows his finger off”.

A spokeswoman for London Ambulance Service has said that “We were called a 2.20pm to reports of an incident at John Wilson Street.

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The latest information we have seen is that police have removed a substantial number of weapons from the scene which includes knives and at least one firearm.


Michael Adeboloja is reportedly one of the London attackers in the Woolwich killing who speaks at scene

He allegedly answers to his Muslim name “Mujahid,” which we are told means “one who fights Jihad.”

woolwich machete attacker Michael Adeboloja

Our thoughts go out to the family of man who has died here.

To donate to the family follow this link:- Help For Heroes