Suspicious package creates chemical terrorism exercise for local police.

Suspicious package sent to Chameleon Web Services creates chemical terrorism exercise for local police.

Police were called to Chameleon Web Services on Wednesday 10th June 2015 at 9.10am after a suspicious package arrived that was of unknown origin. Upon inspection the Chameleon staff became concerned and contacted the local Police and from the description of the package this became a serious matter.

Suspicious package

chemical terrorism exercise for local police.
Within minutes the dedicated Counter Terrorism Unit, based in Birmingham operating as part of a national CT network were dispatched to Old Hill Police station and the Chameleon head office.

The police, fire and ambulance services were on the scene in minutes and the situation was very soon in hand.

The lead police officer quickly took control of the situation and the threat was reviewed to ensure the public were safe.

The suspicious package was tested for Anthrax and other potential threats which resulted in nothing harmful being present.

The Director of Chameleon Web Services – Ian Bevis said “The way in which this incident was controlled showed the true professionalism of all the emergency services, the outcome in the end was nothing to be concerned about but I have faith after being part of this that should the situation have been different the emergency services are well prepared to deal situations of this nature”.