Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

If you are a local Birmingham based company looking for a reliable Birmingham SEO company then you are in luck as Chameleon Web Services is one of the leading UK based SEO companies and we have our head office in Cradley Heath, Birmingham, B64 5HY.

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We have been providing clients with Internet marketing solutions since 2001 and can offer more than simply Birmingham Search Engine Optimisation. We are one of the Google Approved Companies by Google for carrying Google Business Photos which is an important factor for SEO locally.

We manage Google Adwords accounts reducing spend and improving the quality of the leads a business receives from the adverts.

We are a Web Design company so anything you need in terms of modifications to update a website or to improve the functionality in order to increase usability and conversion rates, we can do all this under one roof.

Birmingham based Chameleon is the only company you need to use for everything online!

Chameleon Team

Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

If you have a business based in Birmingham and you are looking for a provider of Search Engine Optimisation services then you have a large selection of companies to contact.

So what makes a good company for Search Engine Optimisation in Birmingham?

Looking at the online Google presence for keywords is the first starting point. Any SEO company can pay for Google Adwords but only the companies with SEO talent can achieve Google Page One rankings.

Another thing to consider is the company itself:-

How long have they been in business?
Have they been de-listed from Google ever?
Is the work in-house or out sourced?
Who actually has access to the website login details?

We have been in business since 2001 and have ranked highly in Google for the most competitive search terms including terms like “google page one”:-
Google Page One

We recommend look at search results for Birmingham SEO companies and seeing who you find frequently and consider that they have the knowledge.