Monthly Web Design

We have had a few clients mention companies offering website solutions with search engine optimisation for as little as £59 per month.

With these fantastic website claims you get everything such as custom website design, content management (CMS), logo design, branded email address, email newsletter system, video gallery, eCommerce online shop and even Search optimisation (SEO).

Advantages of Monthly Web Design

The costs are cheap as this is spread over months but how many months ????

Lets take the example of £59 per month and look at what this actually works out.

£59 x 12 months = £708

£59 x 24 months = £1,416

£59 x 36 months = £2,124

At what point does the cost stop and what if you stop paying the monthly fees after 3 years spending £2,124. Does the website get deleted or removed?

One Off Cost or Monthly Cost for Web Design

To compare paying a one off cost for a website design to a monthly web design package you need to consider that with a one off cost you get the site and its yours to do with as you please.

Chameleon recommend that you look at the overall longterm costs of a monthly web design proposal and investigate the terms of the contact.