London Marketing Bins are Data Boxes

Organisations such as GCHQ are known to be monitoring our telephone calls and emails and online activities have been monitored in the name of national security.

But residents in the city of London have been taking part in beta testing of the latest Renew ORB technology which is basically specially designed London Bins that are Pods that detects smartphones by proximity, walking speed, duration and make & model of the device through unique MAC addresses all in the name of marketing for potential advertising purposes where by adverts could be intelligent to show adverts to targeted individual after detected a smartphone user profile. These bins are specially located at Liverpool Street Station, Gresham, Bank, Cheapside, Fenchurch and Cannon St due to nature of pedestrian foot traffic.

London Bins Marketing

The company Renew ORB Technology have accumulated all the results on the initial beta testing of these pods. The results have provided a concise breakdown of the movement, type, direction, and walking speed and identify peak footfall times from key hotspots in the City of London.

London Marketing Data Week 1 Renew release results of smartphone data capture

London Marketing Data Week 2

The above graph represents the data captured from unique smartphone devices over the five-day testing period. Each hike in figures represents a day (Monday to Friday) while the fluctuation within each day represents a specific daypart (ie. morning, lunch, evening).

London Marketing Data

The consolidated data of the beta testing highlights the significance of the Renew ORB technology as a powerful tool for corporate clients and retailers. It provides an unparalleled insight into the past behavior of unique devices – entry/exit points, dwell times, places of work, places of interest, and affinity to other devices – and should provide a compelling reach data base for predictive analytics (likely places to eat, drink, personal habits etc.).

Source Data Renew London