Aquila’s First Flight – Facebook

Aquila’s First Flight – Facebook

How to give someone a role on my Facebook Page?

In order to give someone a role on Facebook Page you must have admin access.

If you are an administrator then it simple to add ta person to be able to access the Facebook Page:

1. Firstly click “settings” at the top of your Page.
2. Click Page Roles in the left column.

Give someone a role on my facebook page

3. Now to add the person:-

If the new person is your friend on Facebook as you begin typing their name you can select it from the list that appears.

If the person is not a Facebook friend then type their email address that they have provided you.

4.Now select the role from the dropdown menu.

Admin – Total Access

Editor – Typical access for Marketing or SEO Company




5. Click Save and then enter your Facebook password to confirm these actions.

The new person may receive a notification or an email once this step is completed.