Google+ Song Video Goes Viral

It is safe to say that not all YouTube users are happy with the changes that Google has made to YouTube after their take-over of the video giant. One of their biggest issues with the new setup is the requirement to sign in using a Google+ account in order to comment on other users’ videos.

Emma Blackery, a faithful YouTube user, has vented this anger by creating a song and video entitled ‘F**k You Google+’. The lyrics may be a little harsh for some peoples ears, however the message is clear and echoes many YouTube users’ thoughts on some of the changes that have been made. The most unpopular being that you have to sign in using a Google+ account to be able to comment on videos; this does not seem to add any value for the user, rather simply allow Google to gather data and target advertising more specifically at users using their AdSense feature.

The support for Emma’s message is clear, with the video reaching over 800,000 views on YouTube within 3 days and thousands of comments being made. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the video below:

My Thoughts on Google+

The ironic thing about the popularity of this video is that Google is actually making money from it; they receive 45% of the revenue under their partnership agreement with Emma. The backlash against Google+ on YouTube sets to continue with online petitions being signed against its integration. However, with Google making money and YouTube remaining popular, the impact and effectiveness of these petitions is likely to be negligible.

Chameleon Web Services has its own musical jingle, check it out here:

Chameleon Song - Google Song