All Media is Digital ft. Mark Howe, Google at Adweek Europe

Mark Howe, Managing Director, Agency Sales, Google, discusses the growth of digital marketing and the future of the media landscape at Adweek Europe 2015.

Search & Content Marketing ft. Ben Wood, iProspect at Adweek Europe

Ben Wood, Global President, iProspect, discusses the relationship between search marketing and content marketing at Adweek Europe 2015.

Creativity and Technology ft. Claudine Collins, Mediacom UK at Adweek Europe

Claudine Collins, Managing Director UK, Mediacom, discusses creativity and technology at Adweek Europe 2015.

The Future of Media Buying ft. Dan Clays, OMD UK at Adweek Europe

Dan Clays, Managing Director, OMD UK, discusses the future of media buying at Adweek Europe 2015.