Does a High Google Page Rank Help?

Google pagerank was previously used heavily in the Google algorithm but now with all the Google updates a pagerank is less important. It is however still a good tool to see if Google likes a website.

The Google ranking is based on how important the website pages are deemed to be; this is calculated by using a very complex and very secret mathematical equation.

Google looks at content, page authority, keyword density, the number of backlinks, external links, website traffic and location.

No one outside of Google can tell you the exact formula but Chameleon has followed Google’s every move over the years and and studied the goal that Google is trying achieve and we always like to think we know what to do to achieve the best ranking.

Google PageRankTo Show Google PageRank we have complied this list:-

0 – Google do not think anything of your website as it is either not listed or new.

1 – Google class the website as very poor but the good thing is that website is in Google now.

2 – Google see the website growing and this is a step forward. Google class this as poor.

3 – A well developed website will achieve a PageRank of 3 and this is classed by Google as average.

4 – A website with PageRank 4 is an above average website. This will start ranking for difficult terms naturally and this is something to be proud of.

An example of PR 4 websites:-
International Referral

5 – Google giving a rank of 5 means that the website is very strong and this will be classed as a good site and have a large amount of power being able to achieve difficult keywords.

A example of PR 5 websites:-
Times Online (Was PR 8)

6 – To achieve a rank of 6 you have achieved nearly everything you can for a normal website. This is classed by Google as a fantastic website.

A example of PR 6 websites:-
123 Reg
Articles Base
Go Articles

7 – You have achieved a top website ranking. There are not many websites with a true PageRank 7 in the world.

A example of PR 7 websites:-
PC World
Computer World

8, 9 and 10 – You have achieved the best possible results

A example of PR 8 websites:-
Real Player
Windows Media Player

A example of PR 9 websites:-
Harvard University
Internet Movie Database
University of Oxford

A example of PR 10 websites:-
US Goverment Website
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If you want to achieve higher rankings in Google search results then get in touch today and see how Chameleon can help your business grow online.