Detailed Micro Moments of Smartphone Users

Have you ever really sat back and thought about how much smartphones and devices have changed our lives, in so many aspects? Mobile has changed everything. So many of our decisions and enquiries are made digitally. Trillions of searches take place on Google every year, the majority happen on smartphones than on laptops and desktops. After all, they are normally the closest device to us that we carry with us everywhere we go!

Shop opening hours, compare prices of products, maps and directions, most of us refer straight to our smartphones straight away. 96% in fact according to a recent Google research survey of 1,000 smartphones users who were asked to take a poll several times a day over the course of one week.


In total there were 14,000 responses. When broken down and analysed this provided a wealth of information regarding peoples search and consumer habits.

Our most trusted resource to get answers is our smartphone according to a whopping 96% of smartphone users.

The search engine is the most used resource with 87% of people turning to it first, before social media or visiting retailer websites.

Search has grown from assisting us with simple tasks to being a major factor in life decisions, both present and future. It is undoubtedly the most used method for purchases, as 92% of users who searched a product on their smartphone actually purchased the product or a related one.

Users preference in addressing their needs:

40% used a search engine to gain answers to their queries.  19% each opted for a visited a retailer website or app or visited another website or app. 15% chose to visit another store, 12% used a map, 10% viewed images and pictures on a site or app, 8% referred to someone via phone, messenger or text, 6% viewed a video online, a further 6% used a form of social media and finally 6% connected with a business.

User actions prior to making a purchase:

30% used a search engine, a further 30% visited a shop or location, 24% visited a retailer or app, 14% visited another website or app and finally, 13% used a map.

As a final thought, searches for future needs also appear to be happening more and more frequently on mobile devices by 97% of smartphone users.