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Every business will succeed of fail by the number of sales it makes. Your product or service might be unique and the best in the industry, but this means nothing if nobody knows about it and how fantastic it is. It is imperative that you market your products or services correctly, creating an appropriate brand image. The stronger the brand image, the more people that will know about your products and services and have trust in them, meaning that they are more likely to make a purchase.

Take a look around – How can you distinguish quality products from cheap ones? A brand can and does dictate the price!

Apple is a fantastic example of a company which has thrived due to successful marketing campaigns. Thier products are priced to reflect quality, rather than a budget brand – everyone knows their brand and knows that it is expensive. The Apple marketing campaigns have been so good that most professionals involved in the world of graphic design are under the impression that Apple computers are the business standard for this sector. Many people will read this statement and say ‘It is!’, proving the success of Apple marketing. In fact, using the correct graphic design software on a Windows-based PC can produce the same results. Many people will instantly dismiss this statement as the long-standing reputation of Apple as the best in this field is difficult to question. Hwever, have you ever compared an Apple and Windows-based system on a like-for-like basis and looked at the results in an unbiased manner? Chances are probably not. Apple’s marketing campaigns have been so successful that even professionals will choose to buy an Apple Mac over any alternative without question, regardless if cheaper and possibly better solutions are available.

Marketing is a relatively large business expense and every companies budget is different. Marketing is expensive because it is important; your business can thrive of fail based upon marketing activity.

When starting up a new business, it is important to lead with the correct image for your brand. Not doing this can condemn the business idea to failure from the beginning. Your company name and resulting brand is one of the biggest and hardst decisions that you will have to make in business in our opinion. Ensure that you research your sector and competitors before deciding on a brand name, then work out an action plan regarding how you intend to market your new brand name.

At the other end of the spectrum, companies who have a long history may feel that they are beginning to exhaust all marketing avenues as they have tried everything previously. Coming up with new bright ideas and presenting them to the world is a difficult task, but once it is achieved it makes the difference between success and failure.

The main aim of marketing is to embed a concept, brand or product into potential customers minds which will make them choose your product or service over your competitors. The video below is a perfect example of successful branding – you will have seen it many times before at the cinema and be able to name the company that first promoted this video.

At Chameleon we always like to help, so here are some FREE marketing ideas:

  • Discounts for returning customers starts loyalty
  • Offer free gifts to customers who spend a lot of money
  • Run topical themes to match events and seasonal times
  • Run a competition
  • Get on You Tube
  • Give a guarantee
  • Setup a referral programme

Do not price things too low, people want a bargain but they know how much quality costs


The best advice that we can give you is to shop around for a marketing company. Do not get sucked-in by a company who is giving you the hard-sell; their employees are specially trained to win your business but this does not mean that they are the best people for the job. Remember, you will need to liase closely with the marketing company and employees that you choose, therefore it is beneficial if you pick a company where you feel comfortable talking to their advisors.

Chameleon has helped many failing companies to pick up and thrive on success due to successful marketing solutions and marketing ideas. We have a proven track record and have many customers who would gladly give feedback.

We do not advertise ourselves due to the fact that we have grown from providing a successful relationship with our clients and we have found that word of mouth advertising is all we need. We try and provide a perfect working relationship, working to deadlines to ensure all our clients are happy with our work. We do not offer unrealistic targets or non achievable goals. We offer a no hidden costs quality honest marketing service.