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Professional SEO, Web Design & Google Adwords PPC Management Services

Chameleon is one of the leading UK bespoke Internet marketing company’s offering SEO Search Engine Optimisation Services and Web Design. We are based in Birmingham in the centre of the West Midlands with offices in Cheltenham and London.

Our business is to assist in improving and understanding Google search results and helping our clients appear on page one of Google for relevant chosen keywords. Our search engine optimisation consultants have been unpicking Google since 2007 with a great level of success.

We operate a business model whereby we are big enough to cope, yet small enough to care and this has helped Chameleon grow to the company it is today.

Chameleon have been offering a wide variety of Professional Internet Solutions and SEO services to UK based commercial companies and public sector individuals since 2001. Our core business was developed in Birmingham and has now grown to Cheltenham and London including clients in all other areas of the UK such as Bristol, Leeds, Shrewsbury, Manchester, Oxford, Yorkshire, etc.

The number of websites found on the Internet is growing by the day and the UK web design industry is now full of professional web design company’s offering everything from “Web Design”, “Ecommerce Website Design”, “Search Engine Optimisation” known as “SEO”, “Google Adwords Management” or “Pay Per Click Management” known as “PPC Management” and this is aiding the Internet to grow even faster. Every business has to have a website to look viable and people are now looking at a website as point of trust.

Websites have become more attractive and easier to use and in today’s fast pace world every home has broadband. With the introduction of high speed broadband connections, home owners and business people are using the Internet to make shopping purchases, find manuals for products or look at customer reviews before buying a product which means that the Internet is part of everyone’s life. Does your website need a revamp to make it 2012 compatible?

Forums are used daily to help people join communities together with similar interests and social networking is huge, so it is clear that the Internet has become an extension of our life which makes designing a website so much more fun and challenging as every website has different requirements and a different audience.

Smart phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry and HTC has helped the Internet develop even further into our lives and has made it possible to do practically anything on the move without carrying your laptop. We ensure that our websites are fully coded to support smart phones as this is one of the biggest growing platforms.

Birmingham SEO and Web Design Company expands to Cheltenham and London

Chameleon was formed in 2001 with an office in Birmingham and the client base grew rapidly. The investment and knowledge into Search Engine Optimisation back in 2008 has helped the company grow where other web company’s have fallen.

The large investment into over 1000 domain names and world wide hosting to create a Chameleon platform of powerful websites for white hat SEO techniques has proven to be a complete success and now other SEO Companies use the platform to grow their own customers websites at a premium cost.

Now with a Cheltenham and London presence, Chameleon is starting to dominate the competition further and whilst other Web Design and SEO companies continue to false promise and under deliver the future is bright for Chameleon Web Services.

Chameleon have specialised SEO services for Hotels and Dental Practices around the UK. We help achieve your goals online using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help grow your business client base.

If you are asking how can Chameleon help using the services we offer then you under stand that once have carried out the investigation work and changes to make your website work for the visitors and increased your Google Page Rank and overall authority which will result in higher rankings on page one of Google for your chosen keywords. It is important to note that Google have made more updates in the last 12 months than in 12 years and these changes have effected many websites. If your website was doing well before and now the visitors to the site are less or the phone has stopped ringing you need to ask why? and we can provide these answers.

Understand How Google Search Works And Improve Your Rankings

We recommend if you are a business trying to make a success online then you must understand how Google works if you want to get your website on page one of the search results. The best person to explain this is Google’s own Matt Cutts who is a leading engineer in the quality group at Google’s webspam team.

Understanding how Google uses data to recommend a website for a specific keyword will make you understand how important an SEO consultant is to your business to ensure Google get all the correct information they require from your website. In the video Matt explains what happens when you do a Google web search and having all this information will help you understand how important your website data is.

Google Rankings Dropped

SEO Training

If you have dropped out of Google you have more than likely been effected by the Google Penguin Update which is causing problems for many website webmasters. We can provide a solution to identify the problems and assist you in returning back to the Google ranking you had before.

The Google Penguin update was rolled out initially on April 24th 2012 and was aimed at websites that have been over optimised and on finding these website a penalty will be applied and since the first mention of this by Matt Cutts all SEO companies have been watching the rankings wondering what will happen next.

If you are looking for a Google Penguin Recovery then there is no simple quick fix, the first thing to do is to get an SEO consultant to investigate the problems and then plan a way forward.

Order A Website Report today

SEO Training

Do the words SEO confuse you and you feel like you need help?

We have been offering bespoke training courses to enable companies to get the most from the Internet. It is amazing how the little things can make a huge difference to your online presence.
One of our SEO consultants can come to your business location and open your eyes to Internet. This has proved to be very effective when you have a feeling that your SEO company is not doing what they should be but you do not know how to check. Also there are so many things that you can do to achieve higher rankings on page one of Google without any costs.

We are proud to be one of the best Birmingham company’s offering Internet solutions to happy clients. Get in touch to see how we can help your company grow and take advantage of the power of the Internet.

Chameleon SEO Services have developed a specialised skill set for Hotels, Charities, Hospitals, Dentists, Health Care and Universities that is offered for FREE.

FREE SEO ToolsWe provide FREE SEO Tools and often write information to help people understand what is going on the Internet industry and and example is the Google SEO Update information that we have written. If you use a FREE SEO Tool you will still need to have knowledge on coding to be able to fix or improve things and if you need help we are simply here to help.

Depending upon what area of our services you are looking for you will find everything in our menu system at the top of the page. For example if your are looking for Google Adwords Management then simply click on the PPC link in the menu.