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Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of a 360 virtual tour to enhance your website or your Google Maps place card. We provide everything from bespoke 360 virtual tours to Google Business View Tours and we are one of the leading companies in the UK delivering these services.

We are the company that Google selected Globally to win the Google Award for Business View and we have been an approved company carrying out Google Business View Tours since the launch in 2012. We have been involved in some of the largest tours carried out to date in the UK and have the ability to offer more that just a 360 tour working with you to ensure that you get the most from Google Maps helping improve and maintain your Google pin position and information.

We have been working with 360 photography since 2005 and have become the chosen provider for 360 virtual tours for many large companies including Carlsberg, Holiday Inn, Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, Aston University, Teamworks Karting and more.

Take a look at some examples of Chameleon’s 360 virtual tour work:-

Getting a Google Business View Tour is a simple and easy process.

1. Contact

2. Shoot

3. Create

4. Use

What Google Maps Business View Involves

Small to Medium Tours typically take upto 1 hour

We understand you have a business to run, our experience and efficiency allows us to get small shoots done in under an hour. No fuss.

On Location Shoot

Our experienced Google Trusted Photographer will drive to your tour location at a time which suits your business needs.

Tour Dash Integration (optional)

Tour Dash is the only software Google allow to add extra information on top of an existing business view tour.  Point of interest pop ups, videos hyperlinks – Make your tour fully interactive.

Larger Venues can vary, but typically 2-3 hours

For larger venues, shoot times can vary depending on the size and complexity of the tour.

Free POI shots included

We provide your Google Business View tour with free POI (Point of Interest) photos. Showcase aspects of your business with high quality HDR photography.

The Benefits of Google Business View

Unique Marketing opportunities

Your tour is a unique marketing tool. For example, adding a hyperlink in your email signature could gain you more business from an unexpected source.

Feature on your website

Google Tours are easy to embed into any site of your choice.

Higher click through rate (CTR)

Statistics show that businesses with Google Business View have a higher CTR on the Google search results.

One-Off payment

Google hosts your tour on their data servers for a smooth user experience. No recurring payments.

Increased Google Presence

Access your tour via Google search, Google Maps & Google Places using the integrated “See Inside” thumbnails.


How much does it cost?

All jobs are priced individually, starting at just £100 for small shops.

Tell us more about your premises for a more accurate quote.

What is the turnaround time?

Turn around time depends on the size and complexity of the tour.

Where can I find my tour?

When the tour goes live handy access points will appear on Google Search, Maps, Places and Google+ Local pages and the huge amount data is hosted by Google which avoids expensive server costs.

Users just click the handy “See inside” thumbnail to begin enjoying your tour.

Will it link to Google Street View?

If Street View is available at outside your business location we can attach your tour. Customers can travel down your street then enter inside your premises for a good look around!

Can I put it on my website?

Of course you can, a Google tour can be easily embedded directly into your website and choose its sizing.

Even better, launch the tour at different parts of your premises and embed on relevant pages on your site.

For example, a hotel website may have separate pages for the Reception, Restaurant and pool. You can launch the tour at the correct points to suit your needs.

Can I put it on Facebook?

Yes, you can put it there as well. It’s a fairly simple job to embed your virtual tour into your company Facebook page but requires a little I.T expertise.

How will a Google Tour help my business?

It’s more important than ever to perform well in Local Google searches. A virtual tour with Business View gives you vibrant, high quality interactive content boosting your presence in search engine results.

Business View also gives you a stronger listing in the Places results with “See Inside” your business buttons taking the viewer directly to your virtual tour! Embedding the tour on your website gives it that extra wow factor and also encourages people to stay on your site for longer and visually engage with your business giving you an edge over competitors.

The internet is part of everyday life for modern consumers and mobile access is better than ever. In December 2014 88 percent of the U.K internet searches went through Google meaning your business has a great chance of being spotted by potential customers. A virtual tour compliments your online information and could be the deciding factor to winning more business.

I already know a great photographer, can I ask them to photgraph my tour?

No. Business View must be provided as a Google Trusted Photographers. Google recently gave us an award for creativity with the Maps API so you are definitely in good hands. Please enjoy some of our huge example tours.

Can you assure on the quality of the tour?

Google Business View photographers are trained, certified and constantly audited by strict quality controls to ensure your tour is to a high standard.
If they do not perform well they are quickly removed from the programme. We’ve been working with Google for over 2 years and have maintained a high standard of work throughout that time.

Can smartphones and tablets display the tour?

Yes! The Business View is fully compatable with smartphone and tablet technology. Customers simply touch the arrows move to another location and drag the screen to look around.

Is a tour all I get for my money?

Of course not, Google Business View comes with a least 10 ‘point of interest’ or feature photos. These appear onto your Google Search, Maps and Places page along with your virtual tour. You also own the copyright so feel free to use them as you wish for marketing purposes.

Who can have Google Business View?

If your company is on Google Maps with a Places page you are eligible for Business View. Please contact us for help with this issue. It’s perfect for all types of businesses, restaurants, bars, cafes, hairdressers, hotels, salons, shops, showrooms and so much more.

Please get don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask anything you need to know about Business View.

Interested in a Virtual Tour?

Think a Virtual Tour would enhance your business? Get in touch with us today and we’d love to discuss things further.

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