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Regardless of the size of the business, SEO is required to cement online presence. How this SEO is approached and carried out however differs between the size and scope of the business. The larger the company, the bigger audience you need to appeal to in your SEO campaign; whilst small companies only need to target local traffic. If you are asking yourself “what is Search Engine Optimisation” or do not follow the principles of SEO then this will be a difficult road ahead due to everyone informing you that they are the best for the reasons they believe.

Small Business SEO Services

If you own a small local business, keyword research is paramount before you begin full-scale SEO. This is because, even though you may own an electrical shop in Harborne, and the most obvious key term to optimise for would be ‘electrical shop’, this is not necessarily the best or most realistic. This is because your site would then be competing against national companies such as Curry’s and Comet and so chances of you reaching high ranking positions is limited. Therefore, it would be more sensible to optimise for ‘electrical shop harborne’ as this will be a localised search resulting in less competition. It will also ensure that the people visiting your site will be around the area of Harborne, therefore traffic is more targeted. Once this has become a success, you may then want to broaden the terms to include the city i.e. ‘electrical shop Birmingham

Search Engine Optimisation for Business

All Internet businesses and businesses which have a website need SEO to ensure that they are easy to find amongst the other millions of pages on the Web and this requires website optimisation. After all, there is no point having a fantastic website if nobody knows that it exists! The more competitive the business sector, the more difficult it will be to appear on page 1 of the search engine results pages, therefore more time and effort needs to go into SEO to ensure that the chances of this happening are good. When entering into a competitive sector, it is important to realise that it may take a while for your site to begin to be seen in the higher results pages as there is a lot of background work which needs to go into getting it to that position. Also, extra time and effort means that a larger SEO budget will be required. Fortunately, most large businesses have the funding to pay for SEO services from a quality SEO company who will carry out the work on their behalf.

Using SEO for your Business

SEO then is the cornerstone of any business website, and is carried out in order to make it a success. Whether you have a small business which want to compete for local search terms, or a large business who target national and international keywords, what is certain is that SEO services are required in some capacity. Whether you are in Birmingham, Cheltenham, London, Reading or anywhere in the UK we can offer you the best SEO services for your business.

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