Birmingham Based SEO

Birminghams small companies have been hit hard by the recession and the costs of advertising to try and get out of trouble is sometimes to much.

This is when you need a little Chameleon help. Chameleon have been helping small Bimingham based business‘s by improving search engine ranking positions moving their websites on the first page of Google. This is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation and is more important than the website itself. What is the point in having a wonderful looking website if no one can see it.

Chameleon not only get your website onto page one of Google but we also help fix any problems with the site along the way. We have many Birmingham based clients who have made it clear that without our help they would have gone under.

Do you require assistance, if so contact Chameleon TODAY!

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Search Engine Optimisation

So you have a new website that looks great. But you cannot find it in Google. You need to register the site into the  Google directory and Google maps. You want to get the site found in all search engines and you want visitors to find the site via chosen keywords.

We this is basic search engine optimisation. You can have a go at it yourself but if you consider that time is money you should consider paying an SEO professional.

Search engines work in strange ways and only a true professional SEO expert will be able to get the desired results you require.

Imagine you are a Birmingham based company and want to offer Google Adwords Services, then being top in Google for “Google Adwords Birmingham” and “Birmingham Google Adwords” is important.

What about if you offer SEO services, then “birmingham seo services” and “seo services birmingham” is very important and very difficult as SEO companies based Birmingham will all being after the same keyword.

Then you can look at other search results like “best birmingham services” and see what you find.

Search Engine Optimisation


The costs of SEO are noramally more than a website and most people never who own a website never understand why SEO costs so much. To have a true understanding as to why the cost of SEO is so much you need to be involved in carrying the reports and analysis and the man hours involved.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is not something that can be done over night. But is something that is carried out over months to achieve true success. Search Engine Optimisation is also an ongoing task. Your competitors are also trying to obtain top positions in Google and this means you have try harder or smarter.

Chameleon SEO Campaign

Chameleon have many clients who have recieved great success from using a Chameleon SEO Campign. The benefits are long term and this is something all future clients must be aware of. A Chameleon SEO Campaign is going to benefit any website, the older he site the more we can do.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO companys are miss understood. There are a few that give us good companys a bad name.

We hear so many customers say that they have been warned away from Search Engine Optimisation companys and this is a real shame.

Come to Chameleon and let us provide you with the best SEO possible and no monthly fees.