There are specific parts that make up a website coding and if you look these individually you can start to unpick the Google ranking factors. If you understand how you would rank a website against another looking at the coding you will see why Google does some strange things.

SEO your Page Title:

The title of the web page is the text contained between the <title></title> tags at the start of the webpage coding in the <head> section before the </head>.

The page title is very important and should not be changed frequently. Decide on the most important 3 keywords and ensure these are carefully placed in the title.

Take for example the current Chameleon title:-

<title>SEO | Web Design | SEO Company Birmingham | SEO Services Birmingham | Google Adwords Management | UK Based Company</title>

What do you thing is the most important keyword in the title that we are after?

SEO is our Goal, but sometimes keywords take time to achieve and patience is important with SEO. Look at the end of the of the title tag “UK Based”.

Search in Google “UK Based SEO Company” and look who is top. Google put this words together and the position of them is important. Believe it or not you can try too hard for some keywords and never get anywhere for them due to this.

Now go to Google and search “SEO Company Birmingham” and see who is top.

On-page factors of SEO are so important and starting right is very important.

We recommend looking at the page titles of your competition and then coming back to the page. Really understand the page title first.

SEO your META Description:-

The description Tag is much easier to build up for SEO purposes as you have more scope in terms of the amount of words like the title tag. 

Google uses the first 160 characters about 25 words of your META Description.

The description should be made up of words on the page itself, then written in a way that is readable and makes sense to humans. Make it interesting and not spammy using the words on the page. 

<meta name=”description” content=”How to SEO my meta description” />

SEO your META Keywords:-

The keywords offering an argument as Google’s Matt Cutts explained they no longer use them but in test they make a difference. We have split tested keywords and found that they can effect Google’s ranking.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”SEO Tips, SEO Title Page, SEO Keywords “/>

Use the specific keywords on the page and do not repeat them. Try and keep this clean simple.

We always recommend adding:-

<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”></meta>

On-Page SEO Tips:-

Lets start at the beginning the most important things is the H1 Tags:-

<h1>SEO Tips</h1>

Keep the H1 tags clean and ensure the words used are also in the Title and Description and Keywords.

SEO Bold Text:-

The bold text on page is important and used effectively this can really help your ranking positions.

<strong>SEO Tips</strong>

When you see a website with everything in Bold you will soon realise that it doesnt have a chance.

SEO Anchor Text:-

Create a link on the page using the keyord that you want to rank for:-

<a href=  title=”SEO” >SEO</a>

Create an internal linking structure that will take the Google robot around your site using the keywords you want to rank for.

Other important SEO factors are:-

Folder and filenames, image ALT tags and H2 and H3 headings.


<img src=”seo.jpg” ALT=”SEO” />

Use your images to increase the internal linking structure:-

<a href=”” title=”SEO” ><img src=”seo.jpg” ALT=”SEO” /></a>

This way you everything in your toolbox.

What does Google Ignore:-

Comments that placed within the coding such as <!– seo comments are ignored –>

Also style and script tags and the META Keywords if you believe Matt Cutts.