Aston Martin wows Coventry crowds with the Vulcan supercar

The British manufacturer was on hand at the Coventry Motofest festival. Cars, motorcycles, trucks and all kinds of unique vehicles were on display. Part of Coventry’s famous ring road was closed off then converted into a sprint circuit and gymkhana loop for competition displays. The £1.8m Aston Martin Vulcan supercar is the British luxury brand’s most intense performance car to date and was a real show stopper for visitors.

The supercar company were kind enough to enter their finest creation into the sprint circuit display. The Vulcans 800bhp 7.0 ltr V12 engine made a awesome noise as Le Mans driver Peter Dumbreck laid tyre rubber onto the road surface. Chameleon Web Services Google Trusted Photographer Adam Langeveld was working at the display driving competition winners around the track in a race car. During his lunch break he decided to shoot a Google Street View virtual tour, his unique access to all areas made for some fantastic photo opportunities.

To capture the Vulcan on the start line before it launched off at speed then looking at it on Google Maps Street View is a moment we are proud of. The only negative for poor Adam was blurring all the faces as the virtual tour was being built. It was a really popular event as you can see.

Listen to Astons 800 bhp V12 engine

Aston Martin Vulcan epic burnout – Coventry Motofest 2016