SEO Company SuccessEveryone with an online business wants to get on Google Page One (1). This is the dominant page in the Google search engine and the traffic differences for positions is considerable.

We conducted an in depth study of the traffic differences for Google Page One (1) search results using our clients websites and SEO tools and we found that a website ranked number one will have on average 38% click through rate. The websites in second position in Google will on average receive 16% CTR and third position 11%.

This now means that on page one of Google the top three spots take 65% of the CTR. Fourth position takes 9% CTR and fifth position 8.8% CTR which means that if you want a piece of the action on page one you need to be in the top 5 positions.

Our study Top Google Result Gets 38%

  1. 38%
  2. 16%
  3. 11%
  4. 9%
  5. 8.8%
  6. 6%
  7. 3.9%
  8. 3.5%
  9. 2.8%
  10. 1%

This study was carried out on in June 2012 and in varying sectors to ensure that we had a good spread of data. Other websites may show varying results.

Google Page One Search Results

Our research has proved that it is important to do everything Google wants in order to make your website Google friendly as the higher you rank the more CTR you will receive.

How to Achieve Google Page One Success

You can do many things to successfully achieve a position on page one of Google, the simplist method is to contact an SEO Company and let us do the hard work for you. But if you have a desire to do everything yourself then start looking at your competition on page one and see what they have done differently to you.

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How to rank on page 1 of Google

A good starting point would be take a look at Matt Cutts blog and do so research and reading.

Write a good article and get this published or compile a few how to guides as these will generate links to your website and add FREE power backlinks.


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