Why Use Chameleon Web Services

There are many Web Design and SEO Company’s in the UK that you can choose for your business, so what makes Chameleon Web Services the simple choice.

Web Design

We have been in business building website’s since 2001 and this means we have over 15 years experience in website development. Our knowledge and experience is second to none in the Web Industry and our ability to work on any platform is something others struggle with.

We have some amazing portfolio work out there online already and we are trusted by some leading brand names to produce web design work that is striking and most importantly delivers the message with a high conversion rate.

Our web design pricing is also relatively low in the industry and we can only achieve this due our vast knowledge of web design and understanding of the exact requirements and time involved to build your website. We also operate a lean business model with no fat so overheads are low passing no additional costs to our clients.

Your Local Web Design Company

Working with the Internet means we are able to cover clients across the UK and our portfolio of web design clients stretches the length of the UK.

We have a number of office locations in major city’s such as Birmingham and London but are happy to travel to your business to meet with you. We provide build phase development viewing online and also screen sharing to keep clients up-to-date as websites progress through the stages of development.

Our goal is to keep clients informed as stages of the web development move forward and quickly understand your goals ensuring we are working to deliver your requirements.

Our websites are built with the technical requirements of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation to ensure the website will be Google friendly ticking all the boxes of on-page SEO that Google needs to rank highly.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

growth onlineOnce you have a nice website you need people to find it and Search Engine Optimisation is vital to your business online success. We have been working in the SEO industry since 2005 and this means we have over 10 years experience in this sector. We are experts in the SEO field and work with large brand names providing the highest levels of success in the UK.

We have all the leading tools in the SEO world and even appear as global leaders in SEO software leaderboards. Chameleon also develops SEO tools for our own use giving us the edge of the competition and this is one of the reasons why we rank so highly in our own hugely competitive sector.

Ranking for SEO keywords in our own sector is vital as this proves we can deliver results above and beyond our competition. Our clients can guarantee that we understand the latest Google algorithm and what the requirements are to achieve top rankings if we can place our own website number one in Google.

We do not read things online or attend seminars we actively work with SEO testing and making progress from our own proven results. This is because we are SEO professionals and to succeed in SEO you need to be at the front of the changes making sure you keep up-to-date with Google and working to quickly identify new patterns. We do not post our findings online and we do not share this with others as this gives us the competitive edge over our SEO competition.

Your Local SEO Company

Our SEO clients are based all over the UK and we provide our clients access to our bespoke client area which tracks everything we do and the daily ranking changes as a result giving clients 100% confidence that we operate in a transparent manner.

Our clients find the knowledge they learn from us outside of SEO is vital to there online and offline success due to the experience we have is second to none.