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chameleon web services seo agencyOver recent years there has been an increase in SEO agencies.  Competition is good and keeps us alert and on our toes. If you search for SEO Agency on Google, you will be inundated with SEO Agencies all proclaiming to be the best at optimisation and Web Design.

How do you know what SEO Agency to choose?

Some can deliver, other SEO Agencies cannot. You need to find who and what is right for you and your business. Decide what you need. Have a goal or goals in mind. Are you after trusted back links, retargeting, ongoing SEO or PPC management? You need a way of measuring the success of your campaign or service with your chosen SEO agency.

Once you know what service/s you’re after, then shop around discreetly. Speak with various SEO agencies. A good one should gladly offer you a free consultation. An important characteristic to look out for is transparency. The more transparent, open and willing to talk through their methods they are, the better. They should be able to show you case studies and references, have excellent creativity, be friendly but, most importantly, you should feel that you trust them and their company to look after you and your company. You need to feel that your chosen SEO Agency understands you and your business and is passionate about growing it.

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