Race Co Tourdash

Hello Chad

Please preview the Tourdash above. To move the project forward could you address the following.

  • I’ve located opening points at each specific brand/type/area, please advise on any changes needed
  • There are 15 auto boundary pop ups for a reason, Tourdash licence costs rise in 3 stages (5, 15, 70)
  • A 15 popup licence costs £40. A 70 spot costs £80, is 15 enough?
  • As well as the boundary popups you can have hotspots to activate popups, do you want to use these?
  • Can you provide the titles and text for each popup, use the header numbers for referencing
  • The hyperlink at the bottom defaults to your Homepage. Please advise where each popup is to link
  • The Welcome popup has its header removed to give an example (Its No.1). When work is complete I’ll remove headers.

I hope this enough information for now, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.