Every School is in competition and with all the changes it is more important now than ever before to provide information to explain how great your School is.

We help educational organisations to ensure that the message they are trying to achieve is communicated effectively and focussed to their key constituencies adding value to the message in the community.
Chameleon’s marketing and branding team the experience to achieve for your school the result that it deserves and we are happy working  with local authorities, teachers and students.

We think it is essential to understand the market from all angles and use the information we gather along the way to offer advice with a proven backing of information.

Your school image and the key focus should be the message that is spread across all media platforms including websites, social media and events.

We help create the best image for print and film to ensure it can be seen and heard by all who need to get the message.

Chameleon also has the staff with the ability to work with your school, staff and students as we have been CRB checked and have the required insurance cover to allow us to carry out the work with you.