How To Manage Your Google Places Page

Google Places for Business are excellent for promoting your company to customers.

Most firms know their red pin on Google Maps exists, but not a lot realise a Places Page is linked and ready for action.

Finding your places page can be tricky. Follow this step by step guide to manage / add relevant content. This will help your business have a stronger presence within Google.

Step 1: Find your places page using the classic Google Map system

Go to Google maps and enter your business, if a pin appears which matches your location you are looking good. If you cant find your business it may need entering manually.

Google recently modified the map system which removed the “More info” button which linked to the places page. Clicking the red pin in new maps will make information drop from the search bar.



Step 2: Switch from new maps to classic style

If your browser has landed on the new map system, look to the bottom right hand corner and click the question mark. When the menu appears click “Return to classic Google Maps”.



Step 3: Click the “more info” button

Clicking the classic maps pin brings up a card. Next to your business name is the more info button.



Step 4: You have accessed your Google Places page



Step 5: You must first sign into Google

Google Manage Business Page Guide 1


Step 6: You need a GMail account to move forward

All of Google’s excellent services require access via a GMail account.

Google Manage Business Page Guide 2


Step 7: Find the manage this page button

Google Manage Business Page Guide 3


Step 8: Verify your Business

There are two options to verify you are the business owner. Phone or post.

Verifying by phone is the faster option. Be ready to accept the automated pin number which you then enter using Google’s simple instructions.

A post card with a pin will arrive in about 10 days if you choose the postal option.

Google Manage Business Page Guide 4


Step 9: Accessing your place page

Accessing and adding content to your page is easy from now on. You must always be logged into Google with the Gmail you used to verify the places page.

Left of Google’s search engine tool bar is the Google Plus button, click to access.

Google Manage Business Page Guide 5

Step 10: Find your places page:

Google Manage Business Page Guide 6

Step 11: Manage your page

Google Manage Business Page Guide 7

Step 12: Begin adding content to your page

Google Manage Business Page Guide 8