Google 3-Pack

Ranking for Google 3Pack is vital in 2021 because as Google makes changes to the SERP results the Google 3-Pack displays the top three results for local companies and your business needs to be included.

It has been since 2015 that Google has packed local businesses to appear in the SERPS with address and business hours, rather than phone numbers but back then it was the 7-Pack with 7 businesses listed and now in 2020 the available results have changed to be 3 business.

Google 3-Pack Listing

The 3-Pack change has removed phone numbers and we believe this is to make visitors click on the company listing to capture usage data more accurately. Once you click on the listed company you are taken to a map page which lists all the local companies in the local area being searched from.

A visitor can click on the website link or get directions from the main SERP results page showing the 3 pack listings and this again can all be captured in terms of usage.

We believe this is good for local businesses and Google will list the top 3 companies from the map listings available.

Google 3-Pack Listing

Important Google 3-Pack Listing Information

Check your Google My Business listing information

  • Accurate unique description of your business.
  • Ensure you have selected the correct categories your business operates in.
  • Ensure your profile image and cover photo is correct for the brand image.
  • Add additional photos that add value.
  • Add a local phone number if possible and not a mobile number.
  • Ensure your business address is correct.
  • Ensure the hours of business operation are correct.

Google has a great FAQ page, visit