We are always keen to help Universities with projects and tasks as they arise and Search Engine Optimisation – SEO for Universities is something that we offer for FREE. As organisations aimed at educating and inspiring people often do not have the large budgets that corporate clients do, we decided that we should offer our services for FREE.

Why would we offer FREE SEO to Universities? As an Internet company we know the importance of creating and being a part of a global network. Improving the profile of companies and institutions within this network is what we do best, and being able to put our name attributing to your success raises our profile. The more success we achieve for you, the higher our profile is raised. This is a win/win situation for us both!

The recent rise in tuition fees has led to less people applying to university – there was a 7.7% drop in applicants for university places in 2012. This means that the pool of students from which to choose is smaller, incresing competition between universities for the most able candidates. Naturally, the most able candidates will apply to universities with the best reputations; being top of Google for the subjects you offer e.g. ‘English degree’ enhances your good reputation.

If you are a University looking for a greater understanding of what SEO is or you require your University website to be made Google friendly then Chameleon is here to help no matter where you are in the World for FREE. Simply fill our contact form and an SEO Consultant will assist you.

We look forward to aiding in building the reputation of Universities using the Internet to help spread relevant announcements and information. In October 2012 The World University Rankings show how UK Universities such as the University Of Oxford who were placed 2nd and the University of Cambridge in 7th followed by Imperial College London in 8th are making a mark in the global rankings. Many members of the U21 research University network are world class, proved by them being in the top 200 in the World University Rankings. Let Chameleon Web Services help your institution achieve this accolade.