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Terms & Conditions of Domain Name Registration

The contract you enter into with us when you register a .UK domain name – CLICK HERE

Rules of Registration

The rules for the registration and use of domain names within the .UK domain and its sub-domains. These rules form part of our terms and conditions and are part of your contract with us as the Registrant of a domain name. – CLICK HERE

Schools Domain Name Rules

Rules for the allocation of domain names to schools – CLICK HERE

Data Disclosure Policy

The policy setting out the circumstances under which we will disclose Registrant data to third parties who have a legitimate need for it. – CLICK HERE


.UK Registrar Agreement

The contract between us and our Registrars. Includes the standards and obligations we expect of our Registrars when dealing with .UK domain names. – CLICK HERE

Data Quality Policy

How we ensure our Registrars provide accurate Registrant data. – CLICK HERE

Registrar Systems – Acceptable Use Policy

Usage limits for users of our various Registrar facilities. – CLICK HERE

Fee Schedule

Fees for domain name registration and renewal, membership, and other services. – CLICK HERE

Registrar – Credit & Payment Terms

Sets out the terms on which we provide credit to Registrars and when payments must be made. – CLICK HERE

Definitions & Interpretations

A glossary of terms used in our various contracts, policies, or Ts & Cs. – CLICK HERE

Privacy Services Acceptable Use Policy

The terms of this policy apply whenever a Registrar elects to use the Privacy Services functionality on one of its tags. – CLICK HERE


WHOIS Address Opt Out

Rules outlining which Registrants can withhold their address from our .UK WHOIS. – CLICK HERE

WHOIS Contract Terms

The terms you agree to as a WHOIS user. – CLICK HERE

WHOIS Acceptable Use Policy

Usage limits for our .UK WHOIS tool. – CLICK HERE


Searchable WHOIS Terms of Use

The terms you agree to as a user of our searchable WHOIS facility. – CLICK HERE

Privacy Policy

How we collect, process, and store customer and website user data. – CLICK HERE

Zone Files Access Licence

The terms and conditions for accessing the .UK Zone Files. – CLICK HERE


DRS Policy

Applies on or after 1st October 2016.

The rules and procedures governing our Dispute Resolution Service, through which you can complain about someone else’s .UK domain name registration. – CLICK HERE

Applies up to and including 30th September 2016

The rules governing our Dispute Resolution Service, through which you can complain about someone else’s .UK domain name registration. – CLICK HERE

DRS Procedure

The procedures for making complaints and responding to complaints through our Dispute Resolution Service. – CLICK HERE

Complaining About Nominet

How to complain if you are not satisfied with one of our services or how we have treated you. – CLICK HERE